Specialty Miyazaki Wagyu beef temporarily available in Vancouver

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Miyazaki Wagyu is a special beef that comes from Kuroge Washu cows, the largest of the four Wagyu breeds in Japan, which is raised in Miyazaki Prefecture.

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Fed a rich diet of barley, wheat and maize for a long time billed as “eight times longer” than most market cattle, totaling 600 days, the special beef from the pure Wagyu cattle is considered one of the most sought after in the world. The highly marbled meat is so special and the quality and provenance are so tightly controlled that it is sold with a certificate for each cut from the Miyazaki Wagyu Council.

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Vancouver’s Black + Blue restaurant has secured a supply of the specialty beef, which has led to the kick-off of a temporary dinner menu at the downtown steakhouse at 1032 Alberni St. The restaurant is positioned as the only eatery in Canada to serve at this time. be in possession of a certificate to serve Miyazaki Wagyu beef.

The beef is available in six, eight, and 12 ounce pieces while supplies last, and costs $36 an ounce for rib eye, $38 an ounce for sirloin, and $45 an ounce for tenderloin. For more information, visit Glowbalgroup.com/blackblue.

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