South Florida July 4 weather: Sunny with a chance of rain

As America turns 246 this year, Florida expects record-breaking travel numbers on the roads and at some airports. What can the crowd expect from bipolar South Florida, whether it’s Independence Day?

The forecast looks the same throughout South Florida with a warm sunny day and a partly cloudy night. Rain chances range from 30 to 50% in the afternoon and evening.

“We could see a few showers off the east coast, but overall it should be pretty nice,” said Shawn Bhatti, a meteorologist with the National Of Service. “They can create a quick downpour in a matter of minutes, but eventually it just goes inland and then towards the west coast. So it’s actually quite nice… by midday it’s a bit windy.”

Beachgoers can expect a high risk of rip currents throughout the day on beaches from Miami to West Palm Beach, so they are advised to exercise caution when swimming.

“That’s actually the biggest concern of the times,” Bhatti said. “If you get stuck in a rip current, swim parallel to the shoreline.”

With events spread across South Florida, you can expect the following in specific areas:


The National Weather Service predicts a warm sunny day in Miami, including the beaches, with a 40 to 50% chance of rain or thunderstorms in the afternoon and night. The night sky may be partly cloudy.

Broward and Palm Beach County

In Broward and Palm Beach County, the al-service expects an equally warm and sunny day at its beaches. In the afternoon and evening there is a 30% chance of rain or thunderstorms with a small chance of clouds later in the night.

stay safe

For those staying at home this holiday, authorities in the country are urging people to take precautions when blowing up fireworks to avoid a trip to the hospital.

Meanwhile, marine authorities are reminding boaters that Miami-Dade has the highest rate of boating accidents of any province and are urging anyone with boating plans to enjoy the vacation safely by following their tips.

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