Someone! Sam Ryder releases follow-up single for Eurovision and fun music video

He topped the jury vote at Eurovision 2022, eventually taking the UK to a glorious second place in Turin with “SPACE MAN”.

But that’s for sure not the end for Sam Ryderwho released his follow-up single for the Eurovision Song Contest today “Someone.”

The Essex-based star keeps the good vibes alive in the upbeat song, which is all about celebrating those you love and spreading positivity. As he sings in the chorus:

So if you have someone
Let them know they have someone
Little love never hurt anyone, hey
So you use your light and shine like crazy
We have one life, let’s make it great

Someone! Sam Ryder releases follow-up single Eurovision

The quirky video sees Sam on the move, drinking lemonade, dancing on tables and jumping off balconies. Our man is always smiling, whether he’s getting his hair cut or doing a group choreography on a street full of vintage cars.

Wearing a taupe jumpsuit embellished with space art, he struts and swings, channeling joy at every turn. He (and could be a stunt double) also do some very impressive flips. His long hair seems to act as an anchor for that body to jump around. Like a shooting star he lights it up!

On Friday morning, Sam took to Instagram to thank his fans for their kind words about the song, which came out at midnight BST.

“I just wanted to jump on this real quick, and tearfully say, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who listened, sent encouragement and good vibes for the new song ‘Somebody’ that came out last night. ”

“None of this — nothing happens without you — and that’s what makes releasing music so cool. And I’ve been pacing while muttering to myself about that phrase ‘putting music out’ and why that phrase is so cool.”

“And I think it’s because it reminds us to give up some level of control and let go of our expectations. Because in the end we release music, yes, and everything that goes with it.”

“And in recent years – and this year in particular – I’ve really resonated with the idea that expectation is limitation and that life is beautiful enough and capable enough to conjure up magic without us having to set the boundary lines, the paths and the routes by our expectation.”

“Anyway, I love you, have a great day and see you all soon.”

Do you love the new song? What do you think of the video clip? Let us know below!

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