‘SNL’ Mocks Adam Levine, Armie Hammer Scandals: Video

Not holding back. Amid Adam Levine and Army Hammerrespective scandals, Saturday Night Live scoffed at the two stars’ disturbing social media exchanges.

“The game is very simple. We have four male celebrity contestants, and all they have to do is respond to a woman’s DM on Instagram in a normal way,” the host said. Miles Teller joked on Saturday’s October 1 episode during the fake “Send Something Normal” contest. “And guys, if you send a normal DM, you win $100 million.”


The 35-year-old Top Gun: Maverick star introduced the four contestants: Adam Levine (Mikey Day), Army hammer (James Austin Johnson), Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson) and Bowen Yang (as himself). Teller’s host then asked each player how they would respond to certain messages.

Day’s version of the Maroon 5 singer was the first to hit the market and was asked to respond to a young woman who sent him a DM to say she was a “big fan” and loved his music.

“OK. Tough decision. Can I see her most loved holiday photo?” Day-as-Levine joked in the Saturday clip, “Okay. Let’s kick off with a ‘Holy moly!’ But I have three more. ‘Holy mole! Holy shit! Your body makes my penis smile.’”

Teller was quick to point out that his answer wasn’t the right one before turning to Johnson’s version of the… call me by your name star to reply to a DM sent to his account.

'Watch 'SNL' Mock Adam Levine and Armie Hammer Scandals During Season Opener'

“Okay, look, I know there’s been a lot of talk about me in the press, but I’ve been working on myself a lot and I’ve changed. So I have my message,” Johnson replied as Hammer. “‘I want to break open your bones and suck out the marrow.'”

Of course, his answer was also incorrect, leaving Teller disappointed.

The “Sunday Morning” crooner, 43, made headlines last month in particular after being accused by multiple women of cheating on his pregnant wife, Behati Prinslooand sending inappropriate messages on social media. Levine later admitted to sending flirty texts, but denied the allegations of infidelity.

“I used poor judgment to talk to anyone other than my wife in ANY flirty way,” he wrote in an Instagram Story statement on September 20. of my life. In some cases it became inappropriate. I have addressed that and taken proactive steps to remedy this with my family.”

'Watch 'SNL' Mock Adam Levine and Armie Hammer Scandals During Season Opener'

Hammer, for his part, was accused in January 2021 of sending explicit messages about his NSFW sexual fantasies — including rape, mutilation and cannibalism — to multiple women. Several alleged victims also accused him of sexual assault, which he denied.

“I’m not responding to these bulls-t claims, but in light of the vicious and spurious attacks on me online, I can’t leave my kids alone to shoot a movie in the Dominican Republic for four months now, ” Social network actor, 35, told TMZ at the time, referring to his children Harper and Ford, who he shares with estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers.

Saturday Night Live airs on NBC Saturdays at 11:30 PM ET.

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