Snakes dominate Belfast residents’ dreams, according to new study

A new study has found that residents of Belfast are usually chased by snakes in their dreams.

edding manufacturer SleepSeeker has revealed the most common types of dreams and their meanings by looking at Google searches in cities across the UK over the past year to analyze how different locals dream.

Dreaming of snakes seems to be very common as research shows that it is the most searched for dream topic in 47 UK cities, with Belfast at the top of that list.

With the average person spending about a third of their life sleeping, this suggests smooth reptiles are sliding to the forefront of most Belfast ghosts.

SleepSeeker noted that dreams about snakes can be related to “a phobia, a prophetic dream, or an embodiment of toxicity in your life — it could be a rebirth, moving on, or symbolizing a challenge or situation that might frustrate you.”

The second most dreamed up topic is pregnancy and the third is dogs. With over 2,000 yearly Google searches, lucid dreaming seems to be popular in Belfast too. These are types of dreams in which the person who is sleeping becomes aware that he is dreaming.

The least common dream of the examination is to pass an exam.

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