Smart Spaces brings London’s reach to 20 m²

Native Land’s 230,000-square-foot Arbor is one of the buildings Smart Spaces is involved in

Landlords Native Land, Ashby Capital, LaSalle and Clearbell have chosen the building technology provider to improve the user experience at valued assets in the capital.

Smart Spaces smartly enables some of London’s leading new assets and places it at the heart of the capital’s regeneration as it provides smart office accommodation on Square Mile, Southwark, Kensington, Holborn and Camden.

The smart tech provider has added 750,000 sqm of high-quality London workspace added to its global portfolio of over 60 sqm of real estate currently powered by the company, following the implementation of the breakthrough technology at Bankside Yards, 85 Gray’s Inn Road, Sixty London Wall, The Kensington Building and the Kodak building.

Native Land’s Bankside Yards is a 5.5-hectare riverside commercial, residential, welfare and retail destination and the UK’s first major mixed-use project to be delivered completely free of fossil fuels. The ambitious plan will connect London’s South Bank to Bankside for the first time in 150 years and will deliver eight new buildings, peaking at 50 storeys and surmounting 14 grand arches. Arbor, the 19-storey Wired Score Platinum-rated development, is the first building to be completed at Bankside Yards, with a 223,000 sq ft workspace, where Smart Spaces will deploy its user experience app with contactless access, QR code visitor invitation, and future enable tenants to control climate and lighting mood, and improve sustainability performance with Indoor Air Quality and energy monitoring.

At LaSalle Investment Manager’s Sixty London Wall, Smart Spaces advised on the basic systems to enable full integration and will deliver its user experience app with quick access to smart buildings and contactless visitor management, combined with Otis e-Call, the custom touchless experience lift app, a UK first. Representing one of the city’s most prominent new office buildings, this asset has prioritized the wellbeing, environment and holistic experience of its users from the outset.

The Kensington Building, owned by Ashby Capital, has been cleverly fitted out as part of the property’s ambitious redevelopment plans. Smart Spaces technology has led to a range of flexible workplace solutions through a custom app for the Kensington Building – improving security, wellbeing, community engagement and sustainability, while enabling contactless access, meeting room bookings and desks. , temperature and light control are smoothly enabled, in addition to the creation of a digital twin for optimized real-time building management.

Clearbell Capital brings out the Kodak Building, the six-story Holborn asset currently undergoing extensive renovation and restoration, as well as 85 Gray’s Inn Road, a five-story office building in Midtown’s “knowledge district” that is currently being repurposed to house a lab. -enabled space for London’s burgeoning life sciences community. Both assets will include new features implemented by Smart Spaces to improve their performance, including the implementation of the user experience app with contactless access, QR code visitor invitation, climate and lighting mood control, as well as improving sustainability performance with Indoor Air Quality. and energy monitoring.

Dan Drogman, CEO of Smart Spaces, said: “Our platform provides an unparalleled experience for today’s office users, is future-proof and reflects the changing way people want to live and work today. We are very proud to be able to leverage our smart technology in some of the capital’s most exciting new office projects and that we are the driving force behind powering over 20sqm of London’s real estate.

“It was a pleasure to work with our many new landlords, who shared our forward-thinking vision of facilitating the delivery of this state-of-the-art technology, improving the user experience and improving the environmental performance of these amazing buildings.”

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