Slow recovery of corn from Covid restrictions | Choir music

Thank you for your editorial – it had to be said (The Guardian view on group singing: hitting the right notes, Dec. 18). As a member of a large community choir association and also of a church choir, I am well aware of the positive benefits of singing together. In both choirs we were fully compliant with Covid regulations (albeit with gritted teeth) and implemented risk management plans, but inevitably some singers gave up and have not returned.

It was horrifying to see a badminton club hold indoor sessions in June 2021, while we, as an amateur choir of 150 members, were relegated to an outdoor rehearsal with limited numbers. The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports did nothing to support communal choral singing despite strong protests from Making Music (the National Federation of Musical Societies), while amateur sports groups were allowed to meet indoors. It seemed that ignorance and prejudice reigned. We survived and are now recruiting new joiners, but it’s been a long, hard journey.
Penny champion

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