Sirius XM Buys Conan O’Brien Podcasts For $150 Million

Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien
PhotoCindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

It’s like the old showbiz truth is, anyone can make it in the big money world of podcasting, provided they have a little talent, a lot of guts and also international brand awareness and several beloved TV shows under their belt. That means that Variety reports today that Conan O’Brien just sold his Team Coco podcasting brand to Sirius XM, reportedly for about $150 million.

That brand will feature O’Brien’s flagship podcast, Conan O’Brien needs a friend—your one-stop shop for all the best conceptual Paul Rudd podcasting jokes-plus potential new Sirius shows produced by the Team Coco crew, all of which will apparently make their way in the wake of the sale.

O’Brien himself made a statement about the acquisition, doing what he still makes picking up $150 million sound like a kind of self-deprecating humiliation, as is his custom: “When I started in television, my ultimate goal was to work my way up to radio.” O’Brien added, more sincerely, “This new deal with SiriusXM builds on the great relationship started several years ago with a team that excels in their field.”

The Team Coco brand rose to prominence as O’Brien transitioned from the debacle surrounding his shortened tenure on NBC’s Tonight Show to TBS; it’s hard to blame O’Brien for building an independent device around his brand, show, and staff after the way he was treated by NBC, and the results have been pretty staggering: Conan O’Brien needs a friend has been a regular top podcaster on Apple Podcasts, hosting important guests such as Bob Newhart, Stephen Colbert, and Barack and Michell Obama.

Sirius made a few different has been venturing into the world of podcast acquisition for the past few years; mainly, the satellite radio company acquired comedy podcasting brand Earwolf – which also co-developed Needs a friend-in 2020 as part of a larger deal reportedly costing $325 million.

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