Single’s Inferno’s Song Ji-a returns to YouTube months after fake luxury goods scandal

Remember Song Ji-a, who was known for her cool “material girl” image on the dating reality show Single’s Inferno before coming under fire in January of this year for using fake branded items?

Well, the influencer is slowly making her return to social media. The 25-year-old, who also goes by the nickname Freezia, came back to YouTube with a more girl-next-door vibe in a vlog posted Monday (June 27).

In the 10-minute video, Song shared that she missed interacting with her fans (whom she calls Pringies). She said, “I used to read the DMs you sent me at night and thought of you.

“I missed the chit chats I had with you where we would share too much information about ourselves and stuff… I wanted to go back to the KakaoTalk chat room with you but I couldn’t because I didn’t have the courage to do that.”

She shared that in her time away from the spotlight, she returned to her hometown of Busan to spend time with her family, move and spend time learning the things she’d wanted to learn, including oil paintings.

She ended the vlog after documenting a shopping trip and a meal, saying, “I showed you the little things in my everyday life. I don’t know what it was like, but do you know how good it is to see my Pringies again?”

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