Sheikh Zayed Housing Program..Performance since the beginning

Saeed Ahmed (Umm Al Quwain)

His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, has ordered the completion of all housing applications of recent years under the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, confirming his determination to to provide family stability for citizens and a decent life, so that the initiatives of the rational leadership in the field of housing, and to confirm its enthusiasm and great interest in its citizens, and its relentless pursuit of providing them with comfort and luxury, as they are at the forefront of concern.

Global Competition Indicators
The housing projects designed according to the highest modern standards, taking into account the availability of all needs and facilities, the infrastructure and services of the project, bear witness to all the attention and concern of the citizen, as well as the consolidation of the position of the state worldwide in this important sector, and pursuing distinctive results within global competitiveness indicators with the relationship, including indicators of “the percentage of citizens owning a home” and “the time for citizens to receive housing or housing support.”
The UAE, through an integrated strategy, is working to develop the housing sector in all regions of the country, in a way that serves citizens and maintains stability and prosperity.
The Sheikh Zayed Housing Program implements massive projects that support the UAE’s housing plans, and aims to develop government housing for a new phase of sustainable development, in which efforts and roles are integrated, and where authorities work together to support the housing reality and its demands according to a national vision whose first and last goal is the well-being and happiness of the citizens who are the priority of the stage.future national development.

Residential models
The UAE has launched a number of ambitious initiatives, represented in the development of housing models to reduce construction costs and extend the life of housing, and to meet the aspirations and future needs of citizens, in the context of meeting the needs of families for adequate housing, family stability and quality of life, taking into account the social dimension of citizens, and always working on Measures that are in their interest and achieve integration at national level.
The Sheikh Zayed Housing Program studies housing requests and determines the actual housing need, according to the housing calculator, which determines the need based on studied weights represented in 40% for the financial aspect and 30% for both social and residential, which is in turn based on what is determined by the approved regulations and laws.

joint system
The cooperation of government agencies in the country with the program has led to great results in developing the government housing system, and continued coordination has helped to set out broad lines to strengthen the foundations of government work according to a joint system that harmonizes between the federal and local, where the UAE government realizes the importance of working together to improve its infrastructure and housing goals; Therefore, the Cabinet approved the establishment of the Emirates Infrastructure and Housing Council, which will establish an effective and ambitious partnership between public authorities and the private sector to regulate this sector, develop a comprehensive vision to address problems and challenges related to it. and the strategic vision and work priorities for the next fifty years.

Sustainability standards
The Sheikh Zayed Housing Program has made great strides in adopting the best sustainability standards, rationalizing energy and water consumption and protecting the environment within the residential complexes it oversees, benefiting from the support of the wise leadership in providing all the infrastructure development opportunities, which have helped the country become a model in adopting leading environmental technologies in residential complexes.
The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, represented by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, has been working to develop the experience of users of digital services by adopting international best practices by relying on the innovation system, deploying all resources and capabilities and to invest in expertise and competencies, to develop the customer service system in a way that serves the interests of all members of society and brings them happiness and quality of life.
Smart futuristic cities have been built with leading facilities, based on sustainability, green buildings and solutions to protect the environment, which contributes to supporting the sustainable development system and improves the economic position of the state as the UAE fast take steps to cross the border. capable in the next fifty years, and to achieve global leadership by the centenary of 2071. By launching quality initiatives and projects that keep pace with the direction of the UAE government.

Zayed Housing Compounds
In recent years, the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program has completed residential complexes in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah, including 888 homes in the “Batin Al Samar” residential area in Ras Al Khaimah, and 1,395 homes in the residential area “Mohammed bin Zayed City 1” in the emirate. Ajman, 341 residential units in the “Al Khawaneej” residential area in Dubai, 818 residential units in the “Al Suyouh” area in Sharjah, and 232 residential units in the “City of Martyrs” in Umm Al Quwain.

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, represented by the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program, has previously exempted 406 citizens of the residential areas it implements from paying the difference in value between the grant provided by the program and the value of homes within the residential complexes of decisions issued during the previous years, at a value of 75.6 million dirhams.

33 thousand families
Since its inception, the Sheikh Zayed Housing Program has contributed to the stability of more than 33,838 civilian families through housing support and the creation of integrated residential areas. The percentage of citizens owning a home in the country has reached more than 86.3% which is one of the highest rates in the world which in turn entitles the beneficiary of his home to own and dispose of it, while adhering to established controls and conditions.

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