Shark attack: Swimmer sustains ‘serious injuries’ after being bitten on California beach | World | News

The victim was immediately transported to Natividad Medical Center, a trauma center about 37 kilometers from the beach where the incident took place. The Pacific Grove Police Department confirmed a man sustained significant injuries from a confirmed shark bite at Lovers Point Beach in California.

The attack took place around 11 a.m.

The water sport in which the man was involved has not yet been confirmed by police.

According to KSBW, Pacific Grove city council member Joe Amelia said a surfer was injured while in the water and suffered serious stomach and leg injuries.

City of Pacific Grove councilor Jenny McAdams wrote on Facebook: “After the attack, the shark was seen again in the area.

“The beach is closed and everyone has to get out of the water.”

An investigation is now underway as Lovers Point Beach is closed until further notice, police said.

The Monterey Herald reports, “All beaches in Pacific Grove will be closed for at least 48 hours this morning following a shark attack at Lovers Point.”

Photos of the scene showed warning tape next to orange and white barriers blocking access to the beach.

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