“Sharjah Government Communications” receives candidates’ files

Sharjah (Union)

The International Government Communication Center, which is affiliated with the Sharjah Government Media Office, has announced that it will receive the applications of candidates for the Sharjah Government Communication Award until July 22, with the aim of admitting the largest number of entries in the new categories that have been added to the prize and give the public enough time to learn more about the channels for receiving files. The new eligibility criteria and winning criteria.
The award receives candidacy applications through the website and requires the application file to include an introductory video of the initiative of no more than 5 minutes to introduce the initiative, in addition to a file explaining the general idea of ​​the initiative, and the name and logo of the institution, the title of the report and the date of submission, next to the content page, and a summary The initiative, explaining the strategies, results, objectives and action plans according to the main themes identified for each category, with no more than 1,000 words, in Arabic for the Emirates and Arab World categories, and English for the global categories.
The prize is for those who want to run in different ways. Within the “direct submission” categories, the application may be submitted directly by the entity, institution or individuals, according to the requirements and conditions of the award categories. In the “jury committee” categories, the committee tracks and monitors the excellent experiences in government communication and then proceeds to nominate the institution or entity that has implemented it within the categories that suit it.
As for the third way, it is represented in the selection of the prize partners for the entities or institutions with leading practices in government communication, where they choose the nominee for the prize “Best government communication aimed at young people” in collaboration with the Arab Youth Center, and in the “Best Programs Influencing Social Responsibility” category in association with the Karma International Foundation for Media Monitoring and Analysis. In addition, in the category of “Best Economic Institution Supporting Startups”, the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry cooperates with the International Festival of Photography “Exposure” in the category “Best Image in Government Communication” and with “Karma “Government 01” in the “Best Innovation in Government Communication” category.

Voice category
The fourth method, “voting category”, relies entirely on the public in the United Arab Emirates, where the award invites members of the community to propose and nominate government communications campaigns that impacted their lives and behavior on its website. the price.

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