Shanghai: Shanghai aims for community-level zero covid by mid-May, city official says

SHANGHAI: Shanghai aims to reach community-level zero Covid in the coming days and will then steadily begin easing traffic restrictions and opening shops, Wu Qing city deputy mayor said Friday.
While the situation is improving, the fight against China’s largest-ever Covid-19 outbreak “still requires the concerted efforts of every citizen,” Wu told a briefing.
“Our current goal is to hit social zero by the middle of this month,” Wu said. “We’ve already seen the light come closer and closer.”
When Chinese officials refer to “community-level” cases, they mean outside strictly regulated quarantine zones. Cases outside the quarantine zones are monitored most closely for an indication of whether the outbreak is spreading or not.
Shanghai also plans to expand the number of companies allowed to operate, Wu said, adding that the entire city would resume normal production and life “as soon as possible.”
However, there were still major challenges and rebound risks, he said, especially in older parts of the city, where sanitation infrastructure is weaker.
As the situation improves, Shanghai will allow for transportation and also gradually reopen schools, starting with those numbers about to take college or high school entrance exams, Wu added.
Shanghai has prepared for the end of the lockdown with a “normalized” Covid testing system that will allow residents to undergo rapid tests before entering public places.
Wu told reporters that more than 5,700 test stations were in operation, with a target of 9,900. The stations can test people in 15 minutes.

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