Shambles Ranked as 2nd Most ‘Instagrammable’ Neighborhood in the UK

SHAMBLES in York has been ranked as the second most ‘Instagrammable’ neighborhood in the UK according to a recent study.

Interested in finding out which destinations people most covet, Savoy Stewart decided to collect Instagram data for 50 famous places in the UK and rank the most ‘Instagramable neighbourhoods’ visitors can’t get enough of.

With 555,297 hashtags on Instagram, South London-based Peckham ranks 13th in global results – and as the most Instagrammable neighborhood in the UK.

Outside of London, The Shambles in York ranks second in the UK and 35th in the world with 68,758 tags on the app.

London’s Ladbrooke Grove ranks third in the UK with 63,238 Instagram tags, which places it 36th overall in the global ranking.

The survey found that Wynwood in Miami, Florida is the most “Instagramable” neighborhood in the world, with more than 5.2 million photos tagged. This neighborhood is known for its trendy street art, which has been turned into an open-air museum, where street artists have showcased their work.

Shinjuku Tokyo ranks second on the other side of the globe with over 2.9 million hashtags, while Astoria in Queens, New York ranks third with over two million tagged photos.

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