Seth Green claims his Bored Ape NFT

Seth Green

Seth Green
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America may finally breathe a weary sigh of relief tonight, the weight of the world is finally falling from its broken and sorrowful shoulders: Seth Green has apparently been reunited with his very expensive photo of a monkey.

This is per Buzzfeed news, stating that Green has confirmed that he has repossessed “Fred Simian”, an NFT slapped by Bored Ape who was apparently the crown jewel of Green’s collection of monkey photos, to the extent that he intended to develop a new TV series with Fred as the main character. Those plans, however, were jeopardized when villains — cowards! motherfuckers!—apparently Fred stole from Green a few weeks ago (along with three other NFTs) in a phishing scheme

Green – who has been? terribly vocal about his desire to reclaim his, let’s call it “property” for argument’s sake – confirmed at a Twitter Spaces session tonight that he has regained control of the NFT in question, which presumably means White Horse Tavern, in which the character would “play” a bartender, can now proceed. (As long as each distributor or network would be willing to go ahead with a project whose star is so, for lack of a better word, “kidnappable”.)

Buzzfeed News too however, reports how much Green may have paid to recover the NFT, detailing a series of trades that indicate the Green may have ended up spending as much as $300,000 to get the Ape back. That, among other things, is allegedly $100,000 more than the amount spent on it by the person who somehow came into possession of the NFT. So, you know: nice work if you can get it, we recommend.

Anyway, there you have it: the wonderful forces of the blockchain-powered market, doing exactly what they were designed to do. We can not imagine why would anyone suggest that NFTs are some kind of elaborate shell game designed to rip people off their money. The idea itself is absurd! No one tells Anthony Hopkins about this

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