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The Doors were one of the most important bands of the ’60s and ’70s, but their time together was shorter than you might think. The band had only been around for eight years and their career ended two years after the singer’s tragic death Jim Morrison in 1971. After that, the rest of the members continued to perform – sometimes together, sometimes solo and sometimes with other bands. keyboard player Ray Manzarek died in 2013 at the age of 74, and today there are only two remaining members of the Doors, guitarist Robbie Krieger and drummer John Densmore

Both Krieger and Densmore are still active in music today. And after an argument regarding a Doors-related lawsuit, they are now back on good terms. Read on to learn more about Krieger and Densmore today.

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After Morrison’s death, Krieger and Densmore formed the Butts Band in 1973. The group released two albums and broke up in 1975. In 1978, all three remaining members of The Doors got together and released An American Prayerin which they set recordings of Morrison’s spoken word poetry to music.

Robby Krieger plays guitar circa 1970
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Krieger, now 76, has been making a living as a musician since joining The Doors. In addition to founding the Butts Band, he has released several solo albums over the years, the most recent of which, The ritual starts at sunsetwas released in 2020. He has also recorded and performed as a guitarist with other bands, including Fuel and Alice in Chains.

In the early 2000s, Krieger and Manzarek began performing as the Doors of the 21st Century, but after the use of the band’s name was disputed by Densmore, they started calling their band Manzarek-Krieger.

In 2021 Krieger released his book, Set the night on fire: live, die and play guitar with the doors

Robby Krieger performs in West Hollywood, California in 2020
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Krieger is married to his wife Lynn Krieger since 1970, and two years ago they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. The couple has a son, Waylon Kriegerwho is also a musician and has performed with Krieger.

“It was great,” Krieger told People in 2021 about making music with his son. “We’ve been doing that for six or eight years. He played in my Robby Krieger Band, but now he’s the front man. He’s really great. It’s amazing. I think maybe some of Jim’s soul jumped into him.”

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A photo of John Densmore from an unspecified date around 1960
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After the Butts Band, Densmore became involved in the theater as an actor, musician, writer and producer. He also founded the band Tribaljazz.

Densmore, 77, has spent much of his time writing and has written three books and articles for various publications, according to his website. Densmore’s Autobiography, Riders on the storm, was released in 1990; his book The doors: knocked loose, over his legal disputes with his fellow Doors members, came out in 2013; and in 2020 he published The Seekers: Meeting Notable Musicians (and Other Artists)

John Densmore Performs at Homeward Bound: A Benefit for the Homeless Community and PATH in 2020
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Densmore has been married twice: to Julia Brose from 1970 to 1972 and then to actor Leslie Neale in 1990. He has two children. In 2020, he named his children in a piece written for The Wall Street Journal

“Today I live in Santa Monica in a craftsman built in 1921. I moved into the three-bedroom house 30 years ago,” he wrote. “I love it here. I’m not far from the ocean. The mountains are right behind me and I hike up there all the time. My two grown children have moved so it’s a bit big.”

Robby Krieger and John Densmore at the Grammy Museum in 2020
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Densmore took issue with Kriger and Manzarek over their use of the band name The Doors of the 21st Century and their support of licensing Doors music for commercial use. Densmore is adamant against the music used in advertising, and Morrison’s legacy has sided with him.

In 2013, Densmore told the Los Angeles Times that he was able to patch things up with his bandmates prior to Manzarek’s death.

“The healing between me and Ray and Robbie had already started before Ray died, and it feels good,” he said. “When I heard Ray was sick, I called him, and we had a nice close, thank goodness.”

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