Season tickets 2022/23 now on sale!

THE CLUB can now confirm season ticket information for the 2022/23 season on Loftus Road.

After the conclusion of an eventful campaign that caused drama, we now look ahead to the new season. The R’s have been supported with phenomenal support over the past year – both in W12 and on our travels – and we look forward to welcoming you back for the new campaign.

Season ticket prices have been frozen for the past seven years and the club has offered some of the cheapest starting prices in the championship. In 2022/23 season ticket prices will start from £265, which equates to a prorated price of less than £12 per match.

However, our game day operating expenses have increased significantly over this period, particularly over the past 12 months. The ongoing increases that the club and all UK businesses are currently experiencing means we will be increasing season ticket prices for the coming campaign to reduce these operational cost increases without impacting the squad budget.

For current season ticket holders who renew during the loyalty window (details below), there will be a nominal increase across all season ticket categories which will average less than £1 per match. While no one welcomes a raise, we believe current season ticket holders who have supported the club tremendously over the years should be the least affected.

Please note, no new subscriptions will be sold during the Loyalty Window in the Family Stand, (Blocks HL, JL, KL and LL), Rail Seating area (Blocks ML, NL and PL) or the appropriate rows in R Block, as the The club’s box office is facilitating requests from current season ticket holders in and out of the above areas during this time.

Current subscribers have the option to renew at the Loyalty Window price. All 2021/22 season ticket holders can guarantee their seat for the upcoming campaign if they are renewed during the Loyalty Window period. The deadline for the Loyalty Window is Thursday, June 30, 2022.

After this deadline has passed, all unclaimed seats will be released and during the following days the Box Office will process any seat transfer requests.

The club recently announced that for the 2022/23 season, train seating will be implemented on Loftus Road, in areas of the Lower Loft (Blocks ML, NL and PL) and part R Block in the newly named The Stanley Bowles Stand (formerly Ellerslie Road), specifically Rows J & K: seats 1 – 11; Rows L&M: seats 1-13; Rows N to Y: seats 1-18; Row Z: seats 1-12.

Who gets the first option when buying in rail seats?

Phase 1 – Season ticket holders currently occupying seats that are being converted to train seats will be given priority. Supporters renewing in the ML, NL and PL blocks are reminded that these are now standing pitches with the option to sit before the match and at halftime if desired.

Any supporter currently in Blocks ML, NL or PL who wishes to move to the Family Stand section (Blocks HL to LL) or any other area of ​​the stadium must contact the Box Office via email ([email protected]) as soon as possible to register their interest. Supporters who want to renew online and want to move seats should send an email [email protected] to register their seat transfer request. All seat transfers are handled in strict order of receipt.

Stage 2 – Subsequently, season ticket holders who were originally evicted from the Lower Loft for the performance of the Family Stand will be given the opportunity to purchase in the rail seating area. Supporters should contact the Box Office via email [email protected] to register their interest. All seat transfers are handled in strict order of receipt.

Phase 3 – Season ticket holders in other parts of the stadium will then have priority when purchasing train tickets. Supporters are advised to extend their current seat and request a seat transfer to the rail seats, which will be handled in strict order of receipt. Supporters should contact the Box Office via email [email protected] to register their interest.

The age limit for supporters to qualify for Young Adult subscriptions will remain under 23 (born on or after 01/08/1999) for the 2022/23 season. The senior age bracket will remain 61 (born on or before 01/08/1960) for the 2022/23 season in our gradual and phased increase to meet retirement age.

Please note that general season ticket sales dates will be released in due course and are subject to availability.

Supporters can view their renewal and purchase details by logging into their QPR Club account and visiting the My Seat page HERE.

QPR Chairman Amit Bhatia said: “I have been involved been with the club for 15 years now.

“That time has flown by. Like all football clubs, there have been ups and downs during this period, but the fans’ desire to support the team and see progress has never waned.

“On behalf of my fellow shareholders, I want you to know that your ambitions match by U.S. We share your excitement at the highs and your disappointment at the lows.

“We understand your passion.

“As the board prepares for a new season, we would like to thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you very soon.”


Season ticket holders can again take advantage of a number of benefits for the 2022/2023 season.

The main advantages are:

  • All supporters can take advantage of significant savings by purchasing a season ticket during the Loyalty Window period
  • Guaranteed seat at every league match
  • Discounts for cup matches (subject to opposition agreement)
  • Option to sign up for a seat for cup matches (provided the whole stadium is open)
  • Supporters are automatically registered for the QPR Cash loyalty program. The sooner supporters buy their season ticket, the more QPR Cash they will receive
  • A range of discounts and offers at the QPR Superstore and local businesses

The full list of available benefits can be found HERE.

Digital ticketing

Following the implementation of digital ticketing last year, our overall ticketing process for entry into the 2022/23 season will remain fully digital. Season ticket holders will no longer receive a physical season ticket, so supporters will have to enter the stadium with their Apple/Google Wallet.

All subscription holders will receive an e-mail at the end of July with their digital subscription as an attachment. Supporters who currently have a physical card from the 2021/22 season and only use it for stadium access can use same card in 2022/23.

Supporters who use their QPR Pay Card and have activated it as a debit card will receive a new QPR Pay Card before the expiry date.

Any supporter who cannot enter the stadium digitally and who has moved their seat and/or changed their price range is advised to send an email [email protected]

Automatic collection

Supporters can take advantage of our interest-free direct debit option through monthly payments, up to a maximum of 10 installments, when they renew or purchase before 5:00 PM Wednesday, June 15, 2022, with the first payment on July 1, 2022.

The direct debit works on a periodic basis. Per season, installments are automatically deducted for a subscription. Members who have purchased and paid for their subscription via Direct Debit for the 2021/22 season do not need to do anything, your seat will automatically renew in the Loyalty Window unless you contact the club before June 13, 2022 to advise otherwise.

Super Hoop Upgrade

Supporters can add a Super Hoop Upgrade to their season ticket purchase at checkout. By purchasing an adult or junior Super Hoop upgrade, season ticket holders are entitled to additional membership benefits, including a welcome gift package and additional loyalty points.

Season tickets 2022/23 now on sale!

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