Scientists Warn: Regional Nuclear War Could Cause Global Famine

Scientists warn that a regional nuclear war could cause global famine.
Researchers from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, USA, have created a computational model that simulates the effects of such a war caused by soot particles in the upper atmosphere.
The soot blocks some of the sunlight and damages crops.
“In a nuclear war, bombs targeting cities and industrial areas will launch firestorms and emit large amounts of soot into the upper atmosphere as this soot will spread globally and cool the planet rapidly,” the scientists added.
In the smallest calculated scenario, 100 atomic bombs with an explosive force of 15,000 tons would each emit about five million tons of soot into the upper atmosphere.
Simulations indicate that 27 million people will die outright and another 255 million people will starve to death in different parts of the world.
These figures do not take into account the consequences of radioactive contamination.
“These numbers show us one thing, which is that we need to avoid nuclear war altogether,” said one of the study participants, and that banning the use of nuclear weapons is the only long-term solution.


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