Schrijver says her love life ended after she was raped by Trump in a New York store

American advice columnist E Jean Carroll has said in a statement that the “music had stopped” in her love life after she was raped by Donald Trump in a New York department store in the 1990s.

excerpts from the October statement were filed late Monday in the court where Ms Carroll is indicting the former president over the alleged assault, which he says never happened.

During the videotaped statement, Ms. Carroll said she had not developed any new romantic relationships after meeting Mr. Trump at Bergdorf Goodman in Manhattan. She said she hadn’t had sex since 1994 or 1995.

“Looking back on it, maybe it’s what happened at Bergdorf,” she said.

The former president has denied knowing Ms Carroll and called the former Elle columnist’s rape allegations, first made public in 2019, “a complete scam”.

Women who have been raped are considered inferior in this society, as spoiled good, as rather stupid to allow themselves to be attackedE Jean Caroll

Mr. Trump and Ms. Carroll have been questioned by each other’s lawyers ahead of a civil trial that could take place next year. Trump’s statement has not yet been made public.

Mrs. Carroll is suing him for defamation, saying his denials and disparaging remarks have damaged her reputation.

Her civil claims were recently updated to include rape following the enactment of a New York state law temporarily allowing victims of sexual assault to sue their abusers for crimes committed decades ago.

After being questioned by Mr Trump’s attorney, Alina Habba, Ms Carroll admitted she initially refused to disclose that she had been raped.

“Women who have been raped are considered inferior in this society, as tainted goods, as rather stupid to allow themselves to be attacked,” she said.

She said the MeToo movement helped her rethink her experience — although coming forward, she said, still came with a price. She said she lost her job and is now viewed with doubt.

“I’ve been looked at as a woman who is unreliable, now I’m looked at as a woman who is beyond belief. I’m seen as a woman who was dumb and dumb enough to let what happened to her happen to her,” Ms Carroll said.

In the statement, she said if she had been questioned about the encounter even four or five years ago, she would have said it had no impact on her life, “but I’ve come to understand that rape changed my life, which is shocking.” it.” for me to understand now”.

The longtime columnist, writer and TV host said the attack happened after she ran into Mr. Trump at the department store and he asked her for help picking out a gift for a woman in the lingerie section of the store.

She said she saw the encounter as something she hoped to describe to friends over dinner and remembered their light-hearted banter as they introduced each other to try on a piece of lingerie.

Ms Carroll said she thought she’d let Mr Trump pull the clear lingerie over his pants, “and I’m smiling and I think it’s for the best” as they entered a dressing room together.

But she said he pushed her against the wall and she hit her head.

“I was so shocked that I didn’t say anything. What I did was I laughed,” she said, remembering that he then pushed her back and hit her on the head a second time.

Ms Carroll said Mr Trump pulled down her tights and sexually assaulted her. She said it was “really short” and she never got the impression that he wanted to hurt her.

“But he wasn’t worried about me. I was just there,” she said.

She said she called a friend after the meeting and told her what happened and was shocked by the friend’s words.

“She told me I was raped,” Ms Carroll said, adding that the thought hadn’t crossed her mind until she spoke to the friend.

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