Saudi Arabia makes new decisions about ‘Corona’

June 16, 2022 14:07

Today, Thursday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced it will continue to wear masks and require vaccinations to enter health facilities.

The Saudi Ministry of Health’s Command and Control Center issued a circular today, Thursday, highlighting the continuation of precautionary measures in health facilities.

And the center confirmed in its circular: “Continuous muzzle wear in health facilities for employees and visitors during their stay in these facilities until further notice.”

The circular also stated “the continuation of the requirement to verify immunization status in the ‘Tawakkalna’ application for employees and visitors when entering health facilities, until further notice.”

This is in line with the decision to lift the precautionary measures related to the fight against Corona, and the exceptions contained therein for facilities and activities whose nature calls for the continued application of precautionary measures, including the places for which the Public Health Protocols are issued. Authority.

On Monday, the Saudi Interior Ministry announced that all precautions and preventive measures related to the fight against the Corona pandemic have been lifted.

Source: agencies

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