Sam Mac: Kochie ‘OUTED’ Sam Mac on Sunrise, roasting his ‘little feet’

David ‘Kochie’ Koch has “spotted” weatherman Sam Mac for having “small feet” on national television.

Sunrise’s weatherman was the butt of a joke from the popular TV host, who shared a photo of his shoes lined up next to Mac’s — with Kochie’s dressy shoes easily eclipsing Mac’s comfortable sneakers.

“I love having Sam Mac on the morning show this week because I feel like we have a bit of a connection when he’s on the road so much and when he’s in we obviously share a boys locker room, and we learn so much from it about him,” Kochie said.

“I didn’t realize his feet were that small until yesterday I saw his little ones, in the famous white sneakers, parked next to my shoes.

“And I thought ‘I never knew that about him, he’s got little, little feet’.”

Camera iconShoe size comparison from Kochie and Sam Mac. Credit: sunrise

One of Kochie’s co-hosts replied, “Gosh, there’s a lot we can say about that.”

As the Sunrise team roared with laughter, the camera turned to Mac.

He jokingly said, “I feel like I’ve been laughed at,” before attacking Kochie with a similar shoe-themed jibe.

“I love sharing a locker room with Ronald McDonald and seeing how clown shoes were there for everyone to enjoy,” Mac said.

“Touchdown,” Kochie replied.

When the crazy photo was later shown again, Mac tried to put a sock in it and said “we’ve seen enough guys”.

Finally, The Morning Show was introduced, with Mac joking about “the respect” he gets from “his coworkers” with host Kylie Gillies.

Despite the laughter, the beloved weatherman recently went through a rough patch following the death of his cat Coco, who had been featured on Sunrise for “many, many years.”

“My beloved Coco, my rescue cat, who we’ve seen on the show for many, many years, unfortunately we had to say goodbye over the weekend,” he announced.

Sam Mac with rescue cat Coco
Camera iconSam Mac’s rescue cat Coco. Credit: DeliveredThe West

“It was extremely difficult. Any animal lover or anyone who has been through that knows how hard it is, they are family, they are so much more than just a cat or just a dog.

“The Sunrise family has surrounded me, you sent me flowers, and people understand that losing an animal is really sad and I think I’m still processing it.”

But happier news soon came from the weatherman, who was celebrating his girlfriend’s pregnancy with Mac’s first child in early April.

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