‘Safe and Healthy’ Consumer Fireworks Continue to Be Available in Parts of Bay Area

SAN BRUNO (KPIX) — With the Fourth of July just around the corner, “safe and healthy” fireworks are available for purchase at several locations throughout the Bay Area.

Sergio Medina and his son were smashing fireworks into a stall in San Bruno on Saturday.

“We love the fountains, they are really good,” said Medina. “We try to do it every year while we still can.”

Despite the “safe and sound” designation, they are still not allowed in most Bay Area communities.

“The difference between safe and healthy fireworks and what we call illegal fireworks or consumer fireworks is that safe fireworks don’t go into the sky,” said Cal Fire Captain Jordan Motta, who is based in San Mateo County. “In San Mateo County, and especially Santa Cruz County, all fireworks are illegal—even safe and sound—unless you’re in the city of San Bruno or the city of Pacifica. Those are the only places where you can safely use fireworks. and healthy fireworks.”

“Safe and Healthy” fireworks are not allowed in Contra Costa County, Napa County, and most Santa Clara and Sonoma counties.

“In the city of San Jose, all fireworks, even those labeled safe and healthy, are illegal to use, possess or sell,” said Erica Ray, the public information manager for the San Jose Fire Department. “With extreme drought that we’re seeing in the community — and we’ve had very dry vegetation there — it takes one spark from illegal fireworks to start a fire.”

Motta says it’s only a matter of time before they get a call to respond to a fire.

“We’re kind of sitting here on pins and needles waiting for the fire department to come in. It’ll probably come, I think, tonight, tomorrow night or even on the fourth. Somewhere along Skyline we’ll have a fire,” Motta said. “Typical, here along Skyline, right where we are at the Sky Londa fire station. We see a lot of fires along Highway 35 at the lookouts and such and also along the lookouts along 280.”

In San Bruno, where “safe and healthy” fireworks are allowed, salesman Steven Harden says the proceeds from their sales support local nonprofits.

“For the Legion, VFW and Marine Corps League, we use it for our programs to help veterans in the communities,” he said.

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