Sadie Sink Reveals ‘Strange Things’ Surprise That Made Her Laugh ‘Uncontrollably’

Sadie Sink rolled on the floor instead of running up that hill.

The “Strange Things”star revealed to Vulture in an interview published Monday that she had a very deep-seated reaction when she first saw her season 4 co-star Jamie Campbell Bower in his full Vecna ​​costume.

“When I first saw him, I started laughing uncontrollably,” Sink told the entertainment site. “Just a total laugh. I didn’t know what I was looking at, you know? I was scared, but fascinated, and felt such a strange array of emotions that it just came out as laughter. But once we started filming, I didn’t laugh anymore, that’s for sure.”

Vecna, the main villain of season 4, was once a perfectly normal (but murder-lucky) human named Henry Creel, who looked like this:

But once he embarks on a murderous journey into Hawkins National Laboratory, he is sent to the Upside Down, where he transforms into an eye-sucking and limb-twisting monster that looks a bit like this:

Sink explained to Vulture that she had briefly met Campbell Bower at a table read before the COVID-19 pandemic. But because so much time had passed between the reading and the actual filming, seeing him in his full Vecna ​​line-up for the first time was quite surreal. Sink noted that she didn’t know what Vecna ​​”was supposed to look like or who he was until we started filming together.”

“There was no rehearsal or prep between the two of us — we just showed up for the day,” Sink said. “I had no idea what Vecna ​​would look like until I first saw him. Jamie was so convincing and believable that I forgot there was a human in there. I looked at Vecna ​​and I remember seeing Jamie personally met, out of his Vecna ​​costume. I heard his voice before I saw his face. And I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, is that Jamie? Is this some sick joke?’ Then I realized that underneath it all, he looked like this. It’s crazy. There’s a real human person underneath.”

And in case you need more proof that there was a real human under all that monster robe, tthe official “Stranger Things” Twitter account posted a video with: Campbell Bower dressing up, a process that the actor told The Hollywood Reporter lasted over seven hours which apparently gave Campbell Bower plenty of time to drink coffee and make a few phone calls:

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