Russian diplomats in US ‘threatened, seduced’ by FBI, envoy claims

War between Russia and Ukraine: Russia and the United States were engaged in a dispute.

Russian diplomats in Washington are being threatened with violence and US intelligence agencies are trying to contact them, Tass news agency quoted the ambassador on Saturday.

Anatoly Antonov told Russian television that since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, face-to-face meetings with US officials had ended.

“It’s like a besieged fortress. In short, our embassy operates in a hostile environment…Embassy employees are threatened, including threats of physical violence,” Tass quoted him as saying.

“U.S. security agents are loitering outside the Russian embassy, ​​handing out CIA and FBI phone numbers that can be called to make contact.”

The CIA, the FBI, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the United States Department of State did not immediately return messages requesting comment.

The Russian ambassador to Poland was doused with a red substance on Monday by people protesting against the war.

Russia and the United States were embroiled in a dispute over the size and functioning of their respective diplomatic missions long before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Moscow expelled a number of US diplomats in March after Washington said it was kicking 12 Russian diplomats from the UN mission in New York.

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