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Reigning Sound, the Memphis-born rock group led by Greg Cartwright, is splitting after 20 years. Cartwright announced the news on social media today (June 8) noting that they are canceling their upcoming European summer tour. “We are also formally announcing the end of the group,” Cartwright wrote in a statement. “COVID has proven to be a long-term concern and more difficult to navigate than anyone could have imagined. Rather than endangering ourselves or our fans, I’ve decided now is the right time to disband the band.” Find Cartwright’s full statement below.

After his time as a member of Compulsive Gamblers and Oblivians, Cartwright founded Reigning Sound in Memphis in the early 2000s. The original lineup included Cartwright, Jeremy Scott, Greg Roberson and Alex Greene. The group released their debut LP Breaking up… Breaking up in 2001, followed by a handful of full-length and live albums between then and 2014. Their studio releases included High school time bombtoo much guitarLove and cursesAbdication…for your loveand To smithereens

Last year Reigning Sound returned to release after seven years A little more time with reigning sound† The album reunited Cartwright with his original band members, who hadn’t played together since 2005 Home for orphansA little more time also drummer and percussionist Graham Winchester, as well as contributions from vocalist Coco Hames, pedal steel guitarist John Whittemore, cellist Elen Wroten and violinist Krista Wroten.

The band’s upcoming tour dates were planned in support of their newly released live album Memphis in June† Reigning Sound confirmed that the group’s final show on Friday (June 10) will be a performance in the Shell hometown of Memphis.

Due to COVID-19 and several other logistical hurdles, we are announcing the cancellation of Reigning Sound’s upcoming European tour in July.

We also formally announce the end of the group. It was my intention with A little more time to come full circle, reunite the band’s original lineup and end up where we started. I thought we could support the album with some touring and going out on a high note, but COVID has proven to be a long-term concern and harder to navigate than anyone expected. Rather than endangering ourselves or our fans, I’ve decided now is the right time to disband the band.

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