Rubi Rose Says She’s Willing To Date Men Who Make Less Than She Does

Rubi Rose insists she didn’t cast a shadow on Nicki Minaj.

During a recent appearance on the Big facts podcast, the Atlanta rapper was asked about her love life and the kind of qualities she looks for in a romantic partner. Rubi said she wants someone loyal, loving, supportive and consistent, prompting host DJ Scream to voice his skepticism.

“That’s not all,” he said with a laugh. “That can’t be everything.”

“Of course there are other things,” she admitted. “My preferences are chocolate, long, preferably [makes] more money than me.”

“What if they don’t?” DJ Scream asked about the latter preference.

“Then we can work it out,” she said. “Of course I will help, but I don’t want to be the man in the relationship. But I will. I see Nicki Minaj is happy.”

The clip of the upcoming episode immediately began circulating on social media, with many accusing Rubi of being disrespectful to Nicki and her husband, Kenneth Petty. Rubi has since taken to social media to clarify her comments, claiming that she was just using Nicki as an example of how a woman can earn more than her partner and still be satisfied.

“I’m just talking out of my head… I need to chill. I never intend to be seedy or mean so please stop that,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

Rubi, who previously named Nicki as her favorite rapper, also clarified her words in the comments.

“I didn’t mean it disrespectfully at all,” she wrote. “I just said you can be happy with a man who earns less than you. I will say Britney Spears next.”

Another viral moment from the interview was when Rubi was asked about her frequent use of gang signs.

“I’m not actually a gang member. I know that’s a joke on the internet,” she said. “I was around gang members, and I just liked throwing their gang signs because it was cute. I like the color red. But I am by no means a gang member.”

“Rubi, you know you’re going to hit the mark,” said DJ Scream.

“I know. So that’s why I took it easy,” she said.

The For the streets The rapper said she was exposed to gang life after moving to Atlanta, and was immediately intrigued by the culture.

“It’s cool,” Rubi continued. “I know what’s happening isn’t cool, but like the colorful clothes and the high plates, and just being cool with the music? That stuff is cool. I had never seen that before.”

rubis Big facts The interview premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on RevoltTV and Thursday at 5 p.m. on RevoltTV’s YouTube channel.

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