Rose Leslie Talks Kit Harington’s Addiction Struggle, Dad Skills

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie. Photo Press/Shutterstock

Working mom! Rose Lesliehis husband, Kit Haringtonwas a supportive parenting partner while working on the wife of the time traveler

“I was eager to do this gig, to do it right, and I felt like I could balance it out with our kid,” the 35-year-old actress said in her statement. Harper’s Bazaar UK cover story, published on Thursday 28 April. “But I remember I thought it was very brutal, snatched away from him. There were parts of me that doubted whether I would last six months. It was so tough.”

The native of Scotland and her comrade Game of Thrones alum, also 35, welcomed their baby boy, now 14 months, in February 2021. When Leslie returned to work, the actor “carried the Baby Björn loud and proud,” she told the magazine.

“There were a lot of satisfying moments,” she shared of the British-born mother’s single parenting moments. “We understood that when our son cried in the middle of the night, it was up to Kit to take care of him as I had to get up early to work. It was kind of glorious.”

The good fight star noted that she struggled most with pumping breast milk, calling it a “physical” [and] emotionally draining experience.”

Leslie explained, “You’ve done it all day and just when you want to rest at night, you have to do it again. I also remember that one breast was bigger than the other, but I tried to stimulate the smaller one so I could give more. … I find it astonishing that women who return to work after childbirth do not feel supported. How else can your employer expect you to maintain the mental capacity, energy and drive to do it with decisiveness?”

While raising their little one, Leslie and Harington want to make sure he is “aware of his parentage”.

The Downton Abbey alum added that it is also “very important” for her husband to “recognize” himself as an addict “several years in his sobriety”. (The Eternals star checked into a Connecticut rehab in May 2019 for stress and alcohol abuse.)

“The AA community has given him such a loving space to feel heard, to make sure he’s not alone. But if it weren’t for rehab, he’d be in a completely different headroom right now,” the wake star explained on Thursday. “I’ve learned a lot about addiction and it’s something Kit will know about forever, but it’s up to him whether he chooses to drink again. No amount of babysitting can stop him from doing what he decides to do. I don’t choose to put that pressure on myself. The responsibility for his behavior rests with him. It’s not up to me to protect him from it.”

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