Ronnie to revisit Ben Mitchell’s story as he talks to Callum

The following article discusses topics such as rape and sexual assault that some readers may find shocking.

EastEnders spoilers also follow.

EastEnders continues the storyline of Ben Mitchell’s assault in upcoming scenes, as he finally makes contact with his husband Callum Highway.

In previous episodes, Ben was raped by Lewis Butler. Ben kept the truth to Callum, who has since asked for time for their marriage, mistakenly thinking that the meeting had been consensual.

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In the coming scenes, Kathy Beale, who knows what really happened to her son Ben, encourages him to open up to Callum after she sees a hint that the pair appear to be on their way to reconciling.

After bumping into Kheerat Panesar, who also offers some advice, Ben decides to ask Callum to meet him.

Despite Stuart advising his brother not to give Ben a chance, Callum decides to meet him.

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When Ben begins to talk about his ordeal, an incident takes place at The Vic, which causes an enraged Callum to knock his ex off and run off.

Back home, Kathy finds a devastated Ben struggling with the outcome of his encounter with Callum. But what happened?

These scenes will be broadcast next week.

EastEnders airs Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One and is streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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If you were affected by the topics covered in this story, many organizations can provide help and support, including: SurvivorsUK (0203 598 3898 or [email protected]), Survivors Manchester (0808 800 5005 or [email protected]) and the Partnership for Male Survivors (0808 800 5005 or [email protected]). In an emergency, call 999.

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