Robert Irwin shares adorable TikTok from late father Steve Irwin

Robert Irwin has shared heartwarming images of his late father and Australian legend, Steve Irwin.

The 18-year-old took to TikTok to commemorate “the best dad in the world” on Father’s Day in the United States.

“I had the best father in the world. I think of him and remember nothing but good times. I hope you all had a great Father’s Day in the US — sending love to those who couldn’t celebrate with their dad ❤️.”

The video shares clips of Steve adoring Robert and his sister Bindi, taking them on adventures through the famed Australia Zoo and standing with his toddler son while holding a wild lizard.

An instrumental from Ed Sheeran’s Photograph played in the background, making the video a tearjerker.

Fans loved TikTok, with one user expressing appreciation for the wildlife expert in the comments: “He was a father to everyone who didn’t have a father to take them on adventures as a kid and taught some of us how to be brave when encountering wild animals.”

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