Recap of Animal Kingdom: Season 6, Episode 5 – [Spoiler] Returns in Covet

Bless his sick and twisted heart, Animal KingdomThe Pope has no prayer from making it to the series finale unscathed. Or even just not hurt any further.

On Sunday’s episode, in which Baz first called Andrew Pope after the robbery at the rectory in 1992 that left him feeling more sinful than usual, the current version of Shawn Hatosy’s character was brought in further by Taylor, the boy who, however, begrudgingly , in cahoots with Detective Thompson. Not only did Pope pay Taylor’s hospital bill when he was injured at the skate park, he moved the boy into the garage of the Cody’s house and offered to make him a sandwich – a sandwichfor God sake!

In addition, Pope had a chance meeting with the lost love Amy (Yellowstone‘s Jennifer Landon), while Thompson learned from his former cellmate that he was always talking about Catherine. What Pope struggled with was remembering that she was Baz’s wife, not his. In other developments in “Covet”…

‘DO NOT ENTER HOME’ Craig and Vince’s friendship intensified after a botched 18-wheel robbery. The chaotic approach to theft wasn’t for Craig, he said, and if Vince was smart, it wouldn’t be for him either. Vince was so thankful for the wake-up call that he built a motorcycle for his friend, who has to beat a thank you note every day. J and Penny’s affair also intensified – to the point that he blew Lark off so much that he finally had to admit he saw someone, and even with husband Noah at home, Penny couldn’t resist J. On rather than in a car outside the apartment where Noah slept seemed rather indiscreet, but what do I know?)

While all that was going on, Deran was “invited” to steal Eddie’s baubles Brock’s party by dressing up as a firefighter and telling the singer’s assistant Hannah that the bash could only take place without a permit if he was on the property that night. Craig, for his part, gathered information by pretending to be a paparazzo, and J borrowed a septic truck that stank as bad as it sounded.

So, your take on “Covet”? What makes Penny so special to J? How excited were you when Amy showed up? And even though he’s a murderer, how awful will it be when Pope is finally caught for Catherine’s murder?

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