Rebecca Parrot Loses Her Home With Zied Hakimi

Rebecca and Zied became prominent faces after their appearance on 90 Day Fiance. Although some viewers protested about the couple being together due to their alarming age gap, they still made it work. Eventually, they walked down the aisle. Now they are married and staying together in the USA. However, their troubles don’t seem to end. Lately, a fiasco led to them losing their residence! Keep reading to know more in detail.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Messes Up While Booking An AirBnB, No Place To Live During Vacation?

Rebecca Parrot might not be starring in 90 Day Fiance anymore, but her life still remains full of unexpected incidents. As a result, she always shares things with her fans through her Instagram handle. Lately, TV Season & Spoilers reports that she was in a fix due to brassing up while booking an Airbnb. Apparently, the celebrity got a new number and booked the place with it. However, the registration of the number was under someone else’s name before her. Hence, it neither displayed her nor Zied’s name at the time of the booking of the house but someone elses’.

In fact, the couple was in a worrisome state since they didn’t have a place to stay anymore for their vacation. Unfortunately, they had already put down $500 in advance. When she tried to contact the company to help them out, they were no help. It turns out they made the suggestion for her to meet the man under whose name they accidentally booked the place and get him to approve their stay. Although the celebrity was baffled, she laughed at the situation. Then, she talked of never tracking down the man had she never been with Zied. As per her last update, she was waiting for the property host to see her texts about the matter and “apologize”.

90 Day Fiance

Moreover, the duo is also waiting for an update from the ‘customer ambassador’. However, since the staff hasn’t canceled their booking, they remain out of money and have no place to vacation yet.

90 Day Fiance: Rebecca Mocks Darcey Silva Through New Post?

Rebecca Parrot couldn’t help but use her Instagram handle to debut a new look. However, it wasn’t a serious transformation but just for laughs. Looks like she found a filter on the app to look heavily artificial and as if she has a lot of fillers on her face. While the 90 Day Fiance star began joking about this look, some fans took notice of something different.

They couldn’t help but reveal in the comments that Rebecca resembles another reality show star, ie, Darcey Silva. Hence, they began to wonder if this was her way of making fun of her for getting tons of surgery on herself. Apparently, once they made this connection, neither Darcey nor Rebecca has addressed this situation. Hence, these are merely speculations by the fans. Keep checking TV Season & Spoilers for more such 90 Day Fiance news.

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