Reba Says They Won’t Serve Corn Dogs At Her New Oklahoma Restaurant “Reba’s Place,” And I Refuse To Believe It

If there was one thing about God’s green earth I thought I could count on, it was that I could get a corndog at Rebas new restaurant in oklahoma.

She recently sat down with producer Dave Cobb on an episode of Southern Accents Radio to talk about Dolly Parton faxing about their duet for ‘Does He Love You’, her new gospel album My chains are gonein addition to giving an update on her restaurant, Reba’s placewhich will open this fall.

She said they’ve spent the past year and a half working on it, perfecting the menu, and bringing a great team together in Atoka, Oklahoma:

“It is, Reba‘s Place in Atoka, Oklahoma. And we have the best team. We partner with the City of Atoka, Oklahoma and the Choctaw Nation. We’ve been working on it for a year and a half.

And we had such a good time. We went through the menu with Chef Curtis, now Chef Jordan, and we hired our team, our crew. In the beginning it was a way of giving back to the community, but I think they give me more than I give them.

It’s just that feeling of reconnecting with everyone in that part of the country. And we’re having a great time with it and I can’t wait for it to open. Hopefully that will be this fall.”

But the only bad news is… there won’t be any corndogs on display at Reba, and you’ll have to settle for chicken tenders instead (I know, I know, they’re not really interchangeable).

In a Q&A session with several members of the press, Reba confirmed the bad news:

“Chicken fingers have replaced corn dogs.

I think we’re a little burned out on the corndogs, but Chef Curtis, who makes the menus for us, is a great chef.”

While the place looks quite posh from what I can see in the views, I just can’t imagine eating here and at least not the option to get a corn dog.

I need to call bullshit Reba, go back and talk to Chief Curtis…

The building will be a combination restaurant, bar, live music venue and shop…just no corndogs.

I mean, it would be like seeing her live in concert and not hearing “Fancy”. Sure, it was a great show, but something just didn’t feel right.

It just won’t ever get more iconic than this… maybe it’s not too late to make her reconsider:

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