Readers’ letter: we all need to do our part to reduce pollution

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I am a student at Our Lady Of Mount Carmel School (OLMC). I don’t think many people really realize how great the risk of pollution has become.

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If we continue to use so many things that are powered by gasoline or are left lying around in the ocean, the earth will continue to suffer.

Air pollution already causes many lung diseases in humans and animals, and even increases the number of deaths. Litter in the ocean costs up to a million marine life every year.

If we just stop littering in the ocean, we can help these sea creatures survive. Other things we can all do is reduce the time you use the car or stop using a fireplace or wood stove. If we all work together, these little things will help our environment.

Also with the high price of gas, people should consider buying an electric car which is much better for the environment.

We also need to tackle climate change. Air pollution is one of the main causes of climate change. It is not something natural, but is caused by human activities.

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Think of the atmosphere as a big greenhouse to keep us safe. When the sun goes through it, the soil absorbs the most. However, the heat is sometimes trapped in some gases. That’s where air pollution comes in. This is called the greenhouse effect.

If we continue to use that much gas, I fear the Earth will be habitable.

Aiden Nguyen, Windsor

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