Reader’s letter: Environmental quality has improved compared to years ago

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Re: Reader’s Letter: We must all do our part to reduce pollution, by Aiden Nguyen, May 28

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I couldn’t help but feel sadness after reading Aiden’s letter who clearly feels a sense of despair for the health of our planet.

I’m sure you are a fine person with good intentions, but without any fact-based knowledge.

The earth I feel is actually in much better shape than when I was your age. At that time, the air was filthy because factories and houses used coal, wood or oil for energy. Cars had no catalytic converters and companies dumped toxic waste in our Great Lakes. There was no question of recycling.

Today, the air is much cleaner, as are our waterways. Only one percent of the plastic in the oceans comes from North America. And the vast majority of man-made CO2 is produced in Asia. More importantly, science shows that atmospheric CO2 levels always increased after global temperatures rose, not before.

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That said, we can and should always try to do better and you’ve made some very good suggestions.

In the future, people like you have the potential to do great things for humanity, but like all great innovators of the past, you need to question the status quo and rely on your own research. Knowledge is power.

Rick Mailloux, Windsor

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