Quebec fugitive man identified as double homicide victim in Playa del Carmen

A Quebec fugitive was identified Monday morning as one of the victims of a double homicide in the beach town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

The man whose throat had been slit was Raphael Huppe, journalist Luis Horacio Najera confirmed on Wednesday after speaking with an official source involved in the investigation.

Huppe was on an Interpol list of fugitives. Three separate sets of identification were found Monday near his body in a tourist apartment.

The woman’s identity has not been confirmed by sources.

Global Affairs Canada said it was unable to confirm the victims’ identities due to privacy concerns.

A guard was not fatally injured in the attack.

Police report that the Canadian victims killed this week suffered cuts to the neck from a razor or knife.

Huppe became a fugitive after 77 charges were filed against him in December 2012 for alleged securities violations.

He faced a total of $735,000 in fines if convicted on the charges in the Joliette, Que judicial district.

The charges were filed after Huppe allegedly illegally encouraged 27 investors to buy transportation, technology and pharmaceutical securities worth $740,000 between June 2008 and June 2010.

According to the allegations, Huppe fraudulently told investors that the securities could be exchanged or listed for trading, when they were not.

The lawsuit was filed by the Autorité des marchés financiers, Quebec’s financial sector regulatory and supervisory body.

Several Canadians have died in Mexico in recent years.

In January, two GTA men linked by Mexican authorities to organized crime were shot dead in broad daylight while dining at Hotel Xcaret, south of Playa de Carmen.

The victims are identified by the prosecution and the National Guard as Robert James Dinh, also known as Cong Dinh, and Thomas Cherukara, both of the GTA.

After those murders, Mexican authorities called Cherukara an “alleged member” of the Hells Angels, but an Ontario police source with extensive knowledge of Canada’s Hells Angels said he was not part of the motorcycle club.

Cherukara was one of five people charged in Toronto in June 2015 as part of a police operation called “Project Fire Extinguisher,” which targeted the sale of cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy.

Bolton mobster Daniele Ranieri was found tied up in March 2018 and executed in a ditch near Cancún.

Ranieri fled to Mexico in 2015 after York Regional Police issued a warrant for his arrest for racketeering.

In Mexico, Ranieri took the name “Diego Ramirez Diaz”.

Police believe Ranieri had ties to the international criminal organization of the late Montreal-based Vito Rizzuto.

The body of Ranieri’s co-worker, Michael Graham Cudmore, 39, was found in June 2020 in a broken down car by the side of a road in rural Mexico.

Joseph Catroppa of Innisfil, Ontario, was shot and killed outside a hotel in Cancún, Mexico, in September 2020.

Catroppa was in prison in Mexico for drug offenses and was convicted in Canada of the 2000 murder of a Woodbridge man in a nightclub dispute.


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