Putin’s puppet claims war with NATO has begun and war in Ukraine has ended | World | News

Ms. Skabeyeva is known for her bizarre claims about the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Russian host claimed that Russian forces are now forced to demilitarize not just Ukraine, but all of NATO.

Russian President Putin told the world that one of his reasons for invading neighboring Ukraine at the start of the Russian attack was to demilitarize the country.

Ms. Skabeyeva made the bold statement that World War III had now begun, despite a lack of evidence that a global conflict was now underway.

Ms Skabeyeva told Russia 1: “Maybe the time has come to admit, possibly that Russia’s special operation in Ukraine has ended.

In addition, in the sense that a real war has started, it is World War III.

“We are forced to demilitarize not just Ukraine, but all of NATO.”

Russia has done what it can to prevent Ukrainian troops from retaking land in key parts of the country.

NATO countries have offered Ukraine assistance in the form of sending weapons and imposing sanctions, but have refused to impose the much-requested no-fly zone or deploy troops on the ground.

So the NATO countries did not declare World War III with Russia, despite Ms. Skabeyeva’s comments.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened retaliation to western-affiliated NATO countries if he feels they pose an existential threat to Russia.

The Kremlin has not declared the end of the war either, despite Ms. Skabeyeva’s claims.

Peace talks between Russia and neighboring Ukraine have been stalled for weeks and there is currently no clear sign of the end of the war.

And Sweden and Finland announced their commitments to join NATO’s military alliance, despite Putin’s threats, he has not retaliated and he has not demilitarized NATO.

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“But in recent weeks we have heard from the Kremlin that the goalposts have been moved ‘while it is not a bad thing,’ said the Russian foreign minister. They are small countries, we do not mean that if they joined NATO, we mean if there are NATO infrastructure and bases on their territory, which the Finnish government has already said they have no intention of doing.”

He Bremmer added: “So, I mean what this looks like is the Russians bluffing getting caught.

“You wish the 2008 invasions of Georgia and the 2014 invasions of Ukraine were seen as crises enough that the West would have responded to the Russians at the time.

“Sure, the exact fact is it wasn’t, it was too small, we didn’t care that we had other things on our plate.

“So Putin thought he couldn’t get away with more and more and more.”

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