Putin’s ‘pregnant’ lover flanked by all-female ‘bodyguards’ in rare public outing as ‘cancer-stricken’ tyrant host summit

VLADIMIR Putin’s alleged mistress has been spotted for the first time since she was stabbed by sanctions over the tyrant’s war in Ukraine.

Former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva – reportedly pregnant with Putin’s child – was flanked by all the female “bodyguards” in St Petersburg when the Russian president staged a summit.


Putin’s alleged mistress Alina was pictured in a blue blazer in St Petersburg todayCredit: East2West
It comes amid rumors that she is pregnant with the tyrant's child


It comes amid rumors that she is pregnant with the tyrant’s childCredit: East2West

The 39-year-old flew into the city for the main economic forum Putin is using to save his country from the crippling impact of Western sanctions during his invasion of Ukraine.

Reclusive gold medalist Alina is suspected of having a secret family with the Kremlin leader, and was seen for the second time in a week amid rumors of his declining health.

She was pictured with grim female companions on a “private tour” by Mikhail Vrubel of the city at the State Russian Museum.

An eyewitness said she was prevented from getting closer to Kabaeva by the women — possibly plainclothes bodyguards — who were with her, Fontanka reported.

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She wore modest jeans, a white T-shirt and a blue jacket thrown over her shoulders while carrying a large, studded Valentino Roman bag worth £4,220.

Alina is rumored to have two or three children with Putin, 69, and there is an unconfirmed claim that she is pregnant again.

Putin was said to be “muted and withdrawn” about the news, General SVR Telegram reported amid claims the Russian leader is suffering from cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

She has not commented on the sanctions imposed on her, nor on her close relationship with Putin.

Last week, the glamorous “secret first lady” Alina was pictured in Sochi with kids at a gymnastics training camp, only her second appearance this year.

Former loyalist MP, Alina is now a media mogul and runs a company that owns pro-Putin TV channels and newspapers, paying an estimated £8 million a year.

In April, she defied sanctions for wearing a £2,000 dress while organizing a Z-symbol parade in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

And just a few weeks ago, Putin is said to have missed his gymnast lover’s birthday because he had to undergo surgery.

Rumors continued to circulate about the leader’s alleged ill health, amid reports that security officers had to collect his stool and urine and return it to Moscow in a “special suitcase”.

The Russian president has assigned several Secret Service agents to this key task, which would be performed to conceal information about Vlad’s possible illnesses.

According to a doctor who says they gave birth to some of Putin’s children, he has two sons with Alina.

The Swiss newspaper Sonntagszeitung revealed that he has two sons from her, with one born in Switzerland in 2015 amid enormous security and the other in Russia in 2019.

But according to reports, he actually has four sons with her, whom he hid in Switzerland while the war with Ukraine continued.

The couple has never confirmed how many children they have together.


It comes as Putin will address the annual St Petersburg International Economic Forum this week, despite a boycott by most Western participants over the war in Ukraine.

He hopes to persuade Asian and other non-Western participants to keep his creaky, sanction-hit economy afloat.

His spokesman accused the West of disrupting the crucial forum by pressuring foreign representatives not to attend, to punish Putin for the war in Ukraine.

But he admitted there would be “fewer” business figures from the West, and declined to name the foreigners expected to attend.

He said, “There will be fewer of them, not because they don’t want to, and not because they’ve all made such a decision.”

His spokesman also indicated that Russia would later give benefits to those who defied Western pressure and remained loyal to Russia in its hour of need, he indicated.

Putin was also on the road today to present the Hero of Russia awards – the country’s highest award – to the recipients. The awards were presented as the country marked the annual Russia Day.

However, his public appearances are much less common than in previous years.

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele recently told the BBC: “I don’t see him” [Putin] be in power in more than three to six months. There are signs that his health is deteriorating before a start and that will play a part.

“And if what we’re told by the CIA and others and our own sources is true, then it appears he could become incapacitated during such a period of time.”

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“This is a strong regime where people should have fear of the leader and if the leader is medically incapacitated there will be action against him I am sure.”

Russian expert Professor Mark Galeotti told The Sunday Times today that “ongoing rumors about his health” may be why Putin is thinking about the war in Ukraine in the short term.

Alina was pictured with grim female companions on a 'private tour' of the city's Russian Museum


Alina was pictured with grim female companions on a ‘private tour’ of the city’s Russian MuseumCredit: East2West
Putin attended the award ceremony at the Grand Kremlin Palace today


Putin attended the award ceremony at the Grand Kremlin Palace todayCredit: Getty
Alina is an Olympic gold medal winning gymnast


Alina is an Olympic gold medal winning gymnastCredit: East2West
The couple never confirmed how many children they have together


The couple never confirmed how many children they have togetherCredit: East2West

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