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Sources in Kiev say there are suspicions he was on board the ship when it was hit by Ukrainian coastal defense missiles

Black Fleet chief Igor Osipov reportedly hasn’t been seen for a month

The fate of Igor Osipov, the leader of Vladimir Putin’s Black Fleet, is reportedly shrouded in mystery after it emerged the admiral “has not been seen alive” since the sinking of the warship Moskva last month.

Sources in Kiev say there are suspicions he was on board the ship when it was hit by Ukrainian coastal defense missiles.

Russia has so far admitted one fatality on the Moskva, but it is clear that many more have died. It is also unclear how many people have been injured and where they may be treated.

Meanwhile, Ukraine initially claimed Putin had detained Osipov amid his anger at the attack, while other reports suggested he had been suspended.

Igor Osipov has not been seen alive since the warship Moskva sank last month

Neither theories were confirmed by Moscow, but Russian officials insisted earlier this week that the 49-year-old was at his “battle post” but “not in the mood” to face the public.

The admiral was notably absent from the Red Square Victory Parade, which he would normally have attended.

His name was listed as being present on a Black Sea Fleet Day on May 7, but was later removed.

Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev said: “Our commander of the Black Sea Fleet, Admiral Igor Vladimirovich Osipov, is now at his combat post.

“Of course he’s not in the mood for social networking and congratulations, but I’m sure he and our people on the Black Sea feel our support.”

However, several Kiev sources say Osipov has not been seen “live” since the sinking of the flagship on April 14.

“The Black Sea Fleet is discussing whether Osipov could have been aboard the cruiser Moskva at the time of the attack,” said a pro-Kyiv source, who claimed to have insider knowledge of the Russian navy.

Russian Telegram station VChK-OGPU, meanwhile, reported that no one had seen Osipov in person in a month, despite his name appearing in recently signed documents.

Admiral Osipov was conspicuously absent from Monday’s victory parade in Red Square


red star)

Yegor Shkrebets, 20, has not been seen since the warship Moskva sank

If he was aboard the ship, his fate would be covered by the ambiguity given by the Russian Defense Ministry about the incident. At the time, Moscow claimed the cause was more due to a fire on board and rather to a rocket attack.

The father of a missing, presumed dead sailor on the warship said last week after meeting authorities: “Figures of deaths and injuries on the cruiser Moskva will be clarified by the Black Sea Fleet and the Ministry of Defense when they see fit. ”

Dmitry Shkrebets, who believes the truth is the subject of a cover-up, added: “I hope that the causes of the absurd loss of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet will be thoroughly investigated by the military prosecutor’s office and the FSB directorate. .. the results will be made public to the people of Russia.”

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