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An oligarch with close ties to the Kremlin has been secretly recorded as saying Vladimir Putin is “very ill with blood cancer,” it is reported, with his identity not being revealed for his safety

Putin used a blanket during the Victory Day celebrations this week

Vladimir Putin is “very sick with blood cancer”, an oligarch with close ties to the Russian leader is reported to have said.

The oligarch is said to have spoken about Putin’s serious health during a conversation with a Western venture capitalist.

It is the latest in many claims about the Russian president’s ill health, which have been compounded by images of Putin looking weak and using a blanket during Victory Day celebrations in Moscow this week.

The Kremlin has publicly stated that Putin is fit and healthy, but his strict precautions during the pandemic and the use of a long table to meet other political leaders have reinforced the rumours.

The Western businessman has not disclosed the oligarch’s name to protect him because he recorded the conversation without his permission, New Lines Magazine reports.

There have been many rumors about Putin’s ill health


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The oligarch was heard to say that Putin was also “crazy” with his invasion of Ukraine.

He lashed out at the Russian leader’s destruction of the economy in the recording, which is believed to have been taken in March.

“He has absolutely ruined – destroyed – the Russian economy, the Ukrainian economy and many other economies” [them] absolutely,” said the oligarch.

“The problem is in his head. … A madman can turn the world upside down.”

The venture capitalist, who has asked not to name the oligarch, said he passed on the recording because of his outrage over the invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian leader looked weak and trembling in some public appearances



However, New Lines Magazine has stated that the oligarch lives outside of Russia and is one of Forbes’ 200 richest Russians.

During the 11-minute conversation, the oligarch spoke of his disdain for what Putin is doing in Ukraine and hopes he will be overthrown.

The claim that Putin’s plight is now well known in the corridors of power in the Kremlin is bolstered by a secret memo from the Russian security service to regional directors on March 13, instructing them to dispel the rumors of the “terminal state”. not to be trusted by Putin. reported.

Many senior military and security officials — as well as Putin’s own cronies — believe the leader is dying or seriously ill.

The Russian president was due to undergo surgery, possibly for cancer, according to leaks from the Kremlin.

An oligarch has reportedly spoken out about his anger at the way Russia has attacked Ukraine, saying Putin is “crazy”.



And a senior investigative journalist on Russian affairs says the military will disregard any atomic bomb order because he is so unwell.

Christo Grozev also claims that an oligarch close to the dictator says it would be better for the world if he dies in the coming months rather than continuing his illegal war.

“Recently we listened with colleagues to a recording of an oligarch, who is extremely close to Putin,” he said.

This billionaire said to another oligarch, ‘It is better that he die of this’.

The oligarch has said Putin destroyed Russia’s economy with the war



“It was better that he was dead ‘because he destroyed us, destroys Ukraine…and Russia’.”

Grozev said of the mega-wealthy tycoon around Putin: “This is how they think. This is how it is.

“In other words, they are actively and passively thinking, how to end this?”

He says his officers are not prepared to risk being dragged into a modern equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials for unleashing nuclear Armageddon.

Nor would they obey a Putin order to kill opposition forces, claimed Mr Grozev, who is affiliated with the open source research group Bellingcat.

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