Psychiatrist pulls down extensive list of class A drugs that Johnny Depp abused

dr. David R Spiegel, who appeared in Fairfax County Court, testified that the actor, 58, would take cocaine, MDMA, marijuana, LSD, opiates, alcohol and others — often at the same time

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Doctor disputes how Johnny Depp’s finger was chopped off

A psychiatrist withdrew the extensive list of drugs Johnny Depp used during his marriage to Amber Heard when he testified today in the $100 million defamation lawsuit.

dr. Called to the booth at Fairfax County Court by Heard’s team, David R Spiegel testified that the 58-year-old actor would take cocaine, MDMA, marijuana, LSD, opiates, alcohol and others — often at the same time.

The psychiatrist claimed that the excessive drug use affected Johnny’s memory and that he had to use an earpiece while acting to remember his lines.

dr. Spiegel told the court when he asked Johnny to memorize three words and pronounce them five minutes later, he “couldn’t remember any and that’s very unusual for a 50-year-old man”.

A psychiatrist took out the extensive list of drugs Johnny Depp used during his marriage to Amber Heard in court


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He added: “In general, that age group should remember two or all three of those words. I do know that his lines were also given to him through the earpiece.”

dr. Spiegel claimed that Depp “confessed to have made a movie that was completely wasted,” as he told the court, “his thinking speed was slow…if your attention is impaired, your memory will deteriorate”.

The doctor also talked about prescription medications used by Depp, including an antipsychotic called Seroquel, a pain-relieving opiate, and Adderall for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

dr. David Spiegel testifies in court


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He added that the actor’s cognition has “improved, like when you’re sober”.

At the end of his interrogation, Dr. Spiegel was asked by Heard’s attorney if he had found “recorded evidence that Mr. Depp had an addiction disorder?” to which he replied: “serious addiction disease”.

dr. Spiegel also described the signs of intimate partner violence, including jealousy, suspicion, rapid and extreme mood swings, limited self-control, and “having someone who has an above-average acceptance of ideas of violence.”

Heard’s lawyer asked if there was any evidence of Depp showing these warning signs, to which Spiegel replied that it was almost “routine”.

Johnny is suing Ms. Heard over a 2018 article she wrote in the Washington Post, which his lawyers say falsely implied that he physically and sexually abused her while they were together.

Amber Heard in court today


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A surgeon also disputed Depp’s claim that his finger was severed when a bottle of vodka was thrown at him.

Depp claims the injury was caused in Australia in 2015, when his ex-wife threw a bottle from him, but Heard says the injury happened when the Pirates of the Caribbean star slammed a phone against a wall.

The court heard today from Dr. Richard Moore, an expert witness in hand surgery, and was also shown graphics of the figure.

dr. Richard Moore spoke about Depp’s injury today



While questioned by Amber’s lawyer, he was asked if he believes the injury “occurred as a result of a vodka bottle being thrown at him?”

The surgeon answered no, adding that the finger was “not consistent with that pattern of injury.”

dr. Moore said there was evidence of nail damage that he would expect from an injury caused by a bottle hitting the finger from above.

Johnny Depp leaves today for a break from court


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The expert witness was then questioned by Johnny Depp’s attorney, who said Depp said the bottle hit his hand at an angle, not directly from above.

dr. Moore was asked to review his sworn written testimony, in which he writes, “I can’t rule out anything completely… I can’t rule out the possibility that the injury was caused by a car door… I can’t definitively say what the cause of the injury”.

There was also a dramatic moment today when a woman was removed from the courtroom after holding a baby and screaming, “Johnny, I love you!” and then hold up a baby and yell, “This baby is yours!”

The process continues.

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