PS5 Stock – Live: Argos Replenishment Now Available – How To Buy The Console?

<p>Looking for a next-gen console?  Here you can buy it </p>
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Looking for a next-gen console? Here’s where to buy it

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UPDATE: The PS5 is now in stock at argos† It can be replenished at Allcurries and Playstation Direct this week. Read on for more information.

It’s been a year and a half since the PS5 was first released, but we’re all still here, holding on to the dream of owning one of the elusive consoles.

Shelves remain bare and empty, and replenishments still come and go in the blink of an eye thanks to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, consoles are still hard to come by, both online and in-store.

But the situation is getting better – slowly. April was one of the best months for restocks since the start of 2022, with 21 drops in total. We saw restocks from PlayStation Direct, ShopTo, Currys, Argos, AO, Game, Smyths Toys, Very and many more independent retailers for luggage space. As we get closer to summer, we hope May will continue that momentum, although it looks questionable at the moment.

Still on the hunt? Our live blog is here to bring you one of Sony’s elusive next-gen consoles, as well as giving you the details on the best games and accessories to grab alongside your new machine, plus the latest game reviews. To find out which online retailers will be the first to restock, keep scrolling to get updates as they happen.

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Check out PS5 retailers’ stock in the UK below:

Check out the stock of PS5 retailers in the US below:


Another Argos PS5 Stock Tip

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This is a high-risk method of securing Argos’ PS5, which is to physically visit your local branch in-store. Argos drops are always click-and-collect, and the retailer usually lets customers walk in and order directly from one of their tablets. If you’re really struggling, well, it’s another method to try.

Are you still trying online? Just keep refreshing the page. Argos de-stocks the message when its website gets overloaded with traffic so it doesn’t sell consoles it doesn’t physically have. On the other hand, we’ve just seen some Birmingham stores go live with the PS5.

Alex LeeMay 10, 2022 09:21


How to buy the PS5 from Argos


The PS5 is still in stock at Argos. We know this because the retailer’s main landing page still shows the “add to trolley” button below the PS5 distribution console, while the digital edition console shows “more details”. This means it’s still in stock, although maybe not for your location – at the moment at least.

So how do you buy it? Look, the Argos website is absolutely awful. There is no real way to check inventory in other locations other than entering random zip codes. But there is a much more reliable way to secure the console, and that is through the Argos app. Throughout history (well, tracking PS5 stock for a year), we’ve consistently seen people successfully secure the console by checking out through the Argos app.

Alex LeeMay 10, 2022 09:06


The PS5 is now in stock at Argos

Gooooooooodmorning folks and what a glorious morning it is. As we predicted, the PS5 is now in stock at Argos.

As usual it’s region by region so you may see a store go live before yours and all you can do is refresh the page. Only the PS5 Disc Edition console is currently available to purchase, not the Digital Edition console.

Reports suggest that Argos started dropping the PS5 around 12:30 this morning, so the replenishment started quite early. However, most stores went live around 8:30 AM, so you still have time if your store hasn’t gone green yet.

Argos supplements aren’t the easiest to get your head around, so we’ll be sharing some tips in our next few posts.

Alex LeeMay 10, 2022 08:50


PS5 stock trackers, unsubscribe

Folks, that’s it for another day of console inventory tracking. Only one retailer drop today, but at least it was something! We don’t tend to see new stock on Monday mornings, so this one from ShopTo was a pleasant surprise.


Best PS5 headset

Need some accessories now that you have a PS5 on the go? Check out Sony’s Playstation 5 pulse 3D wireless headset (£89.99,, which earned a spot in our review of the best PS5 accessories.


Our tester said: “There’s no shortage of gaming headset options, but the PlayStation 5 pulse 3D wireless headset is a bit special. Created with select PlayStation 5 games in mind, the 3D audio makes you feel completely immersed in the experience, feeling like things are really happening all around you. “It’s a distinctive way of doing things that is more noticeable than conventional headsets, even if not all games take full advantage of it yet. It can also help you gain an advantage in certain titles, which is always helpful.

“It uses a wireless adapter to connect to your console instead of Bluetooth, which is a little irritating, and you have to remember to charge it, but it sounds great and it’s comfortable to wear, even after a hours of play.”


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When could Argos be restocking the PS5?


If you’re looking for a standalone console, Argos is another bookmark store. The retailer last restocked the PS5 on Saturday, April 23, and before that on Tuesday, April 12.

If it sticks to that restocking pattern, we may see another restocking this week. Be warned though, it’s incredibly hard to buy a PS5 from Argos, which drops the console around 4am for a select few customers. It is always best to go to the store when it comes to Argos drops.


On the hunt for the Xbox Series X?

The Xbox Series X is much easier to buy than the PS5 these days. Several retailers have the console in stock compared to just one (ShopTo) for the PS5.

But some are sold in bundles, increasing the price. If you want to know how to get the best deal on Xbox Series X, we encourage you to visit our Xbox Series X Companion Guide for the most up-to-date information.


When could PS Direct be restocking the PS5?


PlayStation Direct is another retailer we’ll be keeping an eye on this week. The retailer last dropped the console on Wednesday, April 20. Before that, it dropped to consoles on Thursday, April 7. If it sticks to that bi-monthly resupply pattern, there’s a chance we’ll see consoles drop this week as well.

But hold on, you could get exclusive access to buy it before everyone else. How? Pray tell. Basically you need to register your interest on the PlayStation Direct website. If you are one of the chosen ones, you will receive an email the day before a drop.

You can still buy a PS5 from PS Direct even if you don’t get an invite, it’ll just be more competitive because you’ll be fighting everyone else after the invite window closes. However, it is still the best place to buy a standalone console.


When could Currys be restocking the PS5?


Currys is one of the most likely retailers to restock the console this week. The only problem is that it nothing but sells bundles, and they are not cheap.

The last restocking of Currys was on April 12th and we see that restocking usually takes place once every four weeks. All PS5 Disc Edition console bundles include a Logitech G435 headset, a WD SN850 1TB M.2 SSD, and an additional controller in white or starlight blue, as well as a copy of Grand Touring 7Horizon Forbidden West or both.

That’s a lot of things, so it’s no surprise that the bundles were priced between £749 and £799. The bundle in stock at ShopTo this morning was much cheaper than any of the others sold on the Currys website, so well done if you secured one.

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