Prosecutor Paul Haggis tells Italian police she was raped twice

The British citizen who has accused Canadian-born screenwriter and director Paul Haggis of raping her in Italy told Italian police she was twice sexually assaulted by Haggis over several days after she joined him in the southern tourist town. Ostuni, where Haggis headlined a movie. festival.

“The woman was subjected to twice consensual sex; she was not raped for days,” as some media outlets have reported, Insp said. Rita Sverdigliozzi, head of the Brindisi State Police Unit investigating the alleged crime.

“She admired him and came to Ostuni in the hope that she could work with him.”

Haggis was arrested Sunday on charges of assault and grievous bodily harm. He is currently under house arrest in Ostuni, Italy.

Sverdigliozzi confirmed the woman, 29, and Haggis, 69, met in the spring.

Italian media have reported details from a leaked memo Haggis wrote for his lawyer, in which he says the two met at the Monaco International Film Festival. After the woman took a selfie with Haggis, he is said to have contacted her via social media.

The woman told police she left a love note “for a reason” in the bed-and-breakfast room the two shared for several days.

Haggis dropped the woman off at the airport in Italy’s Brindisi, Italy’s closest town to Ostuni, in the heel-shaped region of Puglia, early in the morning of June 15, according to a statement from prosecutors. around in what prosecutors describe as a “precarious psychological and physical condition” and the police were alerted.

After reporting the alleged assault to police, the woman was staying at a shelter for sexual abuse victims in Puglia, which she left on Wednesday, police said.

Authorities have also said it could take weeks for a trial to begin.

Woman to tell alleged assault to judge

The woman will appear before a judge in Brindisi next week to tell the alleged attack.

Investigators are still gathering evidence ahead of a preliminary hearing, when a judge will decide whether the trial will go ahead and whether Haggis will be released from house arrest — and if so, under what conditions.

Vilma Gilli, the judge overseeing the preliminary investigation, ruled on Wednesday that the director must be placed under house arrest, where he can only see family members and his lawyers.

Haggis currently resides in a luxury farmhouse outside Ostuni, where he moved after the arrival of his grown children, who were scheduled to give masterclasses at the Allora Film Festival which kicked off this week.

The judge based her decision on the version of events narrated by the victim, which the judge said demonstrated an “absolute inability to control.” [Haggis’s] instincts and to renounce tendencies towards prevariation and dominance,” Italian media reported.

Accusations in the US

The judge also cited an pending civil suit related to a rape allegation against Haggis in New York as an aid to her decision. Four women in the US have accused Haggis of sexual assault, which he denies.

The Oscar-winning screenwriter and director of Crashwho also co-wrote Casino royale and Quantum of Solaceappeared before Gilli in Brindisi, Italy on Wednesday, where, with the help of a translator, he told the judge his version of events.

Michele Laforgia, Haggis’s Italian lawyer, said his client is innocent and that the sexual relations between Haggis and the woman were consensual.

“We have also made it clear that there are no injuries or signs of violence, as the prosecution claimed,” Laforgia told reporters after the hearing.

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