Private schools track students who gain weight from eating unhealthy meals

Private schools in the northern emirates sent text messages to the students’ families identifying a list of 10 meals that students were not allowed to bring to school as unhealthy meals. The schools attributed this to the gradual increase in the weight of some students since the beginning of the school year, especially during the spring and Eid al-Fitr holidays.

The school boards explained that most students bring unhealthy meals to class, leading to weight gain, obesity, laziness and lethargy during lessons, and the inability to play sports with the rest of the students in the school yard due to their increased weight.

She stated that before the end of the school year, she is trying to help reduce their weight in order to reduce the impact of obesity on their academic level during the year-end exams that end at the end of June next year.

They added that since the beginning of the school year, they have been sending warnings to the families of the students about the importance of eating healthy meals for their children that will help them focus in classes and contribute to increasing their skills. activity, in addition to sending some fruit to eat during rest time, but some parents ignore the school’s healthy diet guidelines and send their children double-calorie meals.

They pointed out that since the end of last spring break and the Eid al-Fitr holiday, which lasted nine days, they have observed a gradual increase in students’ weight and the inability of some of them to exercise or concentrate. with teachers in classes and sleep during the session, and they added that health food officials in schools seized some illegal meals. fruits.

They stated that food canteens in schools do not sell unhealthy materials and adhere to menus of meals approved by the appropriate authorities, and that families of students who are unable to provide healthy meals to their children can encourage them to eat meals. buy in canteens at symbolic prices, indicating that schools are concerned about the health and safety of students. Unhealthy meals have a negative effect on students’ health, development, focus in classes and their sports activities, in addition to reducing their resistance to diseases due to weak immunity.

For his part, the specialist in family and community medicine at Fakeeh University Hospital, Dr. Adel Sajwani, that one of the bad health habits right now is eating unhealthy meals and the presence of obesity in students and children, which is a major reason for their high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cognitive impairment. In addition to changing behavior and influencing mental functions, in addition to their future diseases, obesity is a major cause of a number of cancer diseases.

He explained that unhealthy meals are full of hydrogenated fats and sugars, and contain bad preservatives, many of which are useless, in addition to the presence of dyes and dyes in drinks that do not provide nutrients to students, leading to bone diseases such as softness and lack of proteins and useful minerals. due to poor nutrition.

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