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Prince William is reportedly pulling Meghan Markle’s decision to openly share her views on the change with feminist writer Gloria Steinem in a recent interview. Members of the royal family traditionally avoid speaking out on political issues, but with her departure from the institution, the Duchess of Sussex has not failed to discuss her views on controversial matters. Commentator Neil Sean has hinted on his YouTube channel about claims made by sources close to the Duke of Cambridge, suggesting that the royal family is “unhappy” that his sister-in-law still uses her royal titles when she speaks privately.

Sean said: “This has really become a big hot potato. It all stems from the fact that the former royal Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, recently gave an interview to Gloria Steinem for a glossy magazine.

“It’s all about the Roe v Wade debate. But as always, once an associate member of the British monarchy steps forward and moves into that political arena, it can get damaging.

“According to a very good source, and as always we must say, Prince William is once again unhappy because he has to work through the swamp of what these particular associations mean.”

The royal commentator claimed the Duke of Cambridge is concerned about former working members of the royal family taking attention away from the cause he and other senior royals are trying to promote.

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He continued: “If you look out for William and Catherine, they are very busy promoting their own charities, as are Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

“So when you come across a situation where an associate member of the royal family can make headlines, it’s not a case of jealousy.

“It’s more of a case of, really, ‘is it right?’

“And it raises again the problem of using royal and related titles.”

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He continued: “How can Prince William avoid having his goals overshadowed by someone who is simply not a working member of the monarchy but still uses her titles?

“A source close to Prince William tells me this will be a radically different situation and when he is in a position to do something about it.”

The Duchess of Sussex has sparked controversy after discussing her opposition to former US President Donald Trump ahead of the latest presidential election in 2020.

She was then questioned for making unsolicited calls to American politicians to lobby for equal parental leave for American parents.


Speaking to Vogue, the Duchess revealed that she and Steinem have been working to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, while warning of the risk the repeal of Roe v Wade poses to women.

She said: “This will have a very real impact on women’s bodies and lives from now on. Women are already sharing stories of how their physical safety is being compromised.

“Women with resources will travel to have an abortion, women who don’t have an abortion can try to give themselves one at enormous risk.

“Some will have to buy abortion pills from unregulated pharmacies.

“Others who are pregnant and in a medical emergency are at the mercy of doctors and lawyers to determine whether a procedure necessary to save her life can be performed at all.”

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