‘Prince Harry’s misguided Queen commentary proves he has a dizzying messiah complex’ – Polly Hudson

Prince Harry shared private details of his secret meeting with the Queen during his latest TV interview, saying he made sure the Queen was “protected” and that she had the right people around

Prince Harry candid about his relationship with the Queen

Prince Harry told NBC’s Today Show that The Queen “always has a great sense of humor with me” — which is lucky. Because when it comes to his next comments, he has to be kidding.

“I just make sure she’s protected and has the right people around her,” he explained. And with those 14 words, he certainly lost the last remaining Britons who wanted to defend his recent behaviour.

Even if you sympathize with him, admire him for putting personal happiness over dusty tradition, largely accepting – while wondering if there were perhaps more sensitive ways to go about it – his decisions, this is too much.

Whatever projects Harry has been involved in over the years, making sure the Queen is protected and has the right people around her, that was none of them.

Even his biggest fan can’t deny that he has literally done the opposite.

Harry with his grandma


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Announcing this in such a self-important way goes beyond hypocrisy, it shows a complete lack of self-awareness.

Complete deception. A dizzying Messiah complex.

Someone cut off from all reality, living in a glass mansion, popping a live publicity grenade.

It is also incredibly condescending to the Queen who has somehow managed to survive without his “protection” for 96 years.

Can he really, seriously believe this to be true? Or is it just a dig at Charles and William? And which of those options is the most shocking?

Royal viewers were stunned by the comments, and former MP David Mellor opined: “His life has now been completely distorted by becoming a Kardashian-esque figure, where he is surrounded by people who want to photograph him because they pay him a lot of money for the privilege. to film him, and the queen only becomes important to him because he has to see the queen for his credibility on Netflix.”

This isn’t what any of us want for Harry, a superficial, meaningless celebrity lifestyle in an ivory tower, surrounded by yes people.

It’s also sad that he is so blind to how hurt the British people feel, which we need from him now. modesty. A little gentleness and care.

Bowling great, taking full credit for being the lynchpin who kept the whole bitch together after obviously causing his grandmother such a fight, leaves a very bitter taste indeed.

Perhaps the naysayers were right. He’s not the Messiah, he’s just a very naughty boy.

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