Pop bliss takes over Margaret Court Arena


Margaret Court Arena, May 27

The grandiose aspect of pop acts like LANY thrives in an arena, with their instantly catchy hooks and lavish lighting filling the room.

LANY at the Margaret Court Arena.Credit:Rick Clifford

When LANY took to the Margaret Court Arena stage, frontman Paul Jason Klein promised to deliver the audience’s best night. And while it was a big claim, the American foursome clearly gave it their all to deliver pure pop bliss. The setlist didn’t offer much variety in sound, but the energy in the room was consistent, as was the screaming of fans on the 90-minute set.


Each song was sung note for note by the mostly young audience. Klein dominated the room from the first synth note of their opener go away† Gliding across the stage with constant interaction with the audience, he had gleeful, adoring fans glued to his every move. Leaping over the guardrails to sing along with the crowd, he set off a stampede, somehow restraining the vocals despite drowning in the band’s impassioned fanbase.

It’s clear that the artist-fan relationship is just as much of a priority for LANY as their high-quality on-stage production. The atmosphere the quartet radiated elevated the show from gleaming and technically impressive to something that felt like a heartfelt expression of love.

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