Piers Morgan calls Alex Beresford an idiot as he rekindles feud with Good Morning Britain’s stand-in weatherman

PIERS Morgan has branded Good Morning Britain’s stand-in weather forecaster Alex Beresford an IDIOT after their on-air bust.

The TalkTV presenter has rekindled their famous feud a year after a clash over Meghan Markle today.


Piers Morgan promoted his new show TalkTV on ITV’s Lorraine this morningCredit: ITV
Piers previously said weather host Alex Bersford 'wasn't even the full-time guy'


Piers previously said weather host Alex Bersford ‘wasn’t even the full-time guy’Credit: Rex

Alex was noticeably absent from ITV today as Piers returned to appear on Lorraine.

And 57-year-old Piers Morgan took the opportunity to do a dig about his former colleague as he set the record for storming the GMB studio in March 2021.

Piers declined to name the ITV weatherman, saying this morning: “I wasn’t sure how I would react if I kept listening to that idiot who valued me his two cents.”

Piers returned moments later to wrap up the show after taking a “time out”.

But he had to quit the breakfast show that night after saying he “didn’t believe a word,” Meghan had said in a great interview with Oprah Winfrey.

His comments led to a record 58,000 complaints to Ofcom, which were rejected by the UK media regulator. It said restricting the host’s opinion would be a “horrifying restriction” on free speech.

Piers has previously spoken of his dramatic fallout with the weather host, which prompted him to walk off set.

The pair had a spectacular row in the air over Piers’ comments about Meghan Markle after her amazing interview with Oprah Winfrey.

As the GMB host walked away, Alex was heard to say, “This is pathetic. Absolutely devilish behaviour.”

Piers reenacted the dramatic moment he ran out of air when he abruptly ended his interview with Lorraine Kelly — but it was all fun.

Moments before suggesting that Lorraine audition to be his new TV wife, she asked about his new show, Piers Morgan: Uncensored.

In an earlier conversation with the Mail about Alex, Piers said: “I thought it was getting too personal. Alex is the stand-in weatherman. He’s not even the full-time guy.

“He’s a man I’ve helped a lot in his career, giving him help and advice. And I just thought, I’m not going to take this very personal removal from him, from one of my own team.”

Piers later claimed that the weather host was the only one who didn’t wish him well after his departure.

He said: “I’ve had nice messages from all the other GMB presenters except Alex Beresford.”

Last night, Piers’ new show made headlines worldwide — and even a statement from former US President Donald Trump.

It’s after a trailer for his 75-year-old show interview that Trump storms out furiously: “You’re being unfaithful.”

Piers wrote in The Sun today of Trump snapping “what the f**k is this?” while being challenged for his refusal to accept his defeat in the 2020 US election.

Trump claimed today that the clip was “deceptively edited”.

Piers told ITV’s Lorraine: “We had a very heated debate over his repeated claim that he had not lost the last election.

“He said it was a fake election and now he says I have a fake promo.

“He got very heated with me because he thinks he should have won the last election. He took it very badly that he didn’t.

“He made up a story with no evidence that it was somehow stolen.

“I said I don’t believe it. He didn’t like that.

“Someone close to Nigel Farage who works for a competitor sent a three-page file with all my criticisms of him before the interview.

“I always try to be honest about Trump, probably more than most journalists.

“This interview is a great example – we ended up getting 70 minutes.

“It’s a river interview, fascinating. A lot of it is fun – we had some laughs.

“I agree with him, but the point of contention is just when I get to the part of the interview that’s key.

“Right now he is the favorite to win the Republican to run for president again.

“With Biden so disastrous, there is a soul battle for the Republicans.”

Piers said of Alex: 'He is a man I have helped a lot in his career'


Piers said of Alex: ‘He is a man I have helped a lot in his career’Credit: Rex

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