Phoenix mural Pablo Luna dies aged 52

Pablo Luna, a former Phoenix muralist and beloved member of the community, has passed away. He was 52.

“He fought so hard,” said his sister Lina Luna. “He wanted to live, I know he did. And he fought, fought, fought. And then his heart gave out.”

Pablo Luna went to the hospital on February 24 with undiagnosed diabetes. After his diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis, Luna suffered a heart attack and battled pneumonia.

After being in the hospital for 55 days, his heart stopped at 1:33 a.m. on April 19, ending his battle with diabetes, double pneumonia and valley fever, Luna said.

“He was an artist,” said Lina Luna. “He was a muralist. He was once infamous and then he was famous. He was a father and a brother … he made an impact on the lives of so many people, individual impact. He was like the godfather of Phoenix. He was a real treasure for this community.”

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