‘Petrified’ on the road to midterm elections — if we don’t have ‘voter intervention, I’m not optimistic’

On Sunday, Democratic strategist James Carville sounded the alarm on MSNBC’s “PoliticsNation” about the upcoming midterm elections.

After sharing how “petrified” and “mortified” he was heading for the midterm elections, Carville said that “if this country doesn’t have voter intervention,” he was “not optimistic about its future.”

“I am not a voice of tranquility. I’m terrified,” Carville told host Al Sharpton. “And I’ll repeat what my friend Congressman Clyburn said — if this country doesn’t have voter intervention, I’m not optimistic about its future.”

“And if people, and especially young people, if they care about this country – and as you know; you were once a young person at the forefront of the civil rights movement — if they don’t get this and do something, i’m mortified,” he continued. “And I fully endorse the Clyburn strategy of voter intervention, but I am not a vote of confidence at all. I am very scared now.”

Carville also advised that President Joe Biden and the Democrats do more to help the black and brown people of America deal with record high gas and food prices than the Republicans.

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