Paul O’Grady reveals he was ‘not really happy’ sharing his BBC Radio 2 slot when he quit

Paul O’Grady has revealed that he’s quitting his BBC Radio 2 show because he was “not really happy” with the schedule shaking up, leading him to share the slot with another presenter.

The 67-year-old hosted the Sunday afternoon program for about 14 years before changing regularly with comic book artist Rob Beckett.

The duo presented their shows alternately, each for 13 weeks at a time.

In a video shared to his Instagram ahead of his final show at the station on Sunday, O’Grady explained why he had decided to leave.

‘I have done the honorable’

He said: “The reason I’m leaving because everyone has asked me this is because I wasn’t really happy with the 13 weeks on, 13 weeks off business.

“So I did the honorable thing, I fulfilled my contract, resigned and now I’m free.

“Thank you very much and good luck to everyone on Radio 2 and may it continue for a long time.”

The presenter also thanked fans for their sweet messages after announcing earlier this month that he was leaving.

He gave a special mention to his producer Malcolm Prince, saying, “I’ve been really lucky in my time to have worked with some great producers and Malcolm is way above that, believe me.”

Replaced by Scott Mills

O’Grady is the last established presenter to leave the station after Steve Wright, also 67, was replaced by Scott Mills, 48, after 24 years on the network.

Vanessa Feltz, 60, is also stepping back from her shows on Radio 2 and BBC Radio London after nearly 20 years at the helm.

O’Grady’s latest show will feature his regulars, including Lost TV Theme, the Thank You Letter Of The Week and an unexpected playlist.

The BBC has confirmed that Beckett will return for at least 13 more weeks from August 21.

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